Sunday, July 28, 2013

The Awakening

Throughout history there have been numerous prophecies and theories put forth about the awakening of humanity.  In this current age of information, the concept of awakening has spawned a variety of differing opinions and industries.  It can all become rather confusing as everyone offers different definitions of what the awakening means.

There are some who believe that the notion of awakening deals primarily with the world of economics and politics.  We have been told by some, that humanity will now awaken to the corruption of the world and realize we have been enslaved.  Many in this group push for revolutions to change the world.   The problem with this view is the pendulum swings from one side to the other and nothing really changes.

According to others, the current astrological alignment in the stars and the end of the Mayan calendar has foreshadowed the new age of consciousness. We are told that humanity is moving into the age of love and we have shifted to a new vibrational frequency.  This shift will save Planet Earth and we will all live in peace, love and harmony.  In other words, heaven would now be found on earth.

The root of this thinking has been put forward continually throughout history by various philosophers and writers.  It gained prominence in August of 1987 with an event called the Harmonic Convergence.  What exactly was the Harmonic Convergence?  On a certain day in August 1987 when the planets converged, a group of people gathered and meditated at various sacred sites on Planet Earth.  The organizers of this synchronized meditation deemed it a success, and we were told the new age of consciousness was now being ushered in.

Afterwards there was an inundation of books and articles written which talked about the ascension process, the rising of the Goddess energy and the thinning of the veil.  There were more group meditation days, gatherings and workshops.  It was also the start of alternative therapies, the coining of the phrase indigo children, channeling, the use of crystals and stones for healing, meditation, yoga, reiki and energy healing.  Depending on what or whose work you were following, you were told that in order to awaken one needed to:

Meditate and pray more
Eat certain foods-don’t eat certain foods
Cleanse, fast and/or refrain from sex
Burn a particular incense or herb
Take a particular sacred herb
Work with crystals or stones
Recite a certain mantra, song or affirmation
Renounce the material world and live a life of poverty

There were even some that advocated standing on your head.  Everyone offered different paths to the awakening, and many emphasized the need for the collective consciousness.  We were after all saving Planet Earth.
After going down numerous roads, here is my take on what many are calling the awakening.  It is simply enlightenment and throughout history many have searched for it.  Some have found it and became beckons of light for others.
Enlightenment is not something that you can control or buy.  You cannot say if I do this it will happen.  You can’t mimic others and reach enlightenment.   Every soul is in varying degrees of growth, and the Source within you awakens at its own appointed hour.  As Buddha discovered sometimes you have to just give it all up and recognize that it is an inside job. 
Become conscious of the power within you and use it to create your reality.  Everything that is outside you is a reflection of what is going on within.  Do the inner work and you will change the outer.
Here is Louis Armstrong's--What a Wonderful World...




  1. Hi, I am in tune with what you wrote at the end of your post "Become conscious of the power within you and use it to create your reality. Everything that is outside you is a reflection of what is going on within. Do the inner work and you will change the outer." - this is what I also believe. [read my posts in]

    I have a question though: what does "do your inner work" really imply according to you? I am curious to have your standpoint. Thanks.

  2. Hi Rhiame, I checked out your sight. Similar thinking.
    Basically what I mean by do the inner work is do meditation, monitor your thinking and change it when necessary. Look for things to appreciate and recognize that the people and experiences that are coming into your life are coming because of your vibration. If you don't like what is going on in your life, work on shifting your thoughts and feelings. I hope that answers your question.