Thursday, November 5, 2020

The Serendipitous Encounter

He appeared out of nowhere one day.  I had walked that path along the river on my lunch hour for years.  It had been my way of clearing my head of the constant trials and tribulations at the office.  Then one day out of the blue, there he was sitting on the bench serenely staring out at the river.  By his physical features I thought he was First Nations.  Perhaps, he was an elder of some tribe?  He certainly looked the part.  He had two long grey braids, turquoise jewellery and a chocolate brown cowboy hat.  His chiselled features could have given him a starring role in the movie, Dances with Wolves. I passed by him on the first day and smiled.  He smiled back and tipped his hat.  Did the same on the second day and by the third day my curiosity had gotten the better of me, and I found myself sitting down beside him on the bench.

“Hi.  Mind if I share the bench with you?” I asked.

He turned and mischievously grinned at me, “it’s about time you sat down.  I have been waiting for you.  Two days I had to wait.  I got a story for you.”

I was somewhat taken back by his response and thought, what have I gotten myself into?  Why did you let your curiosity get the better of you? You don’t have time to listen to some story by some little old man.

“But you do have the time,” he casually replied, “and I am not a little old man with an unimportant story.”

“I am sorry,” I looked at him rather embarrassed.   “I …”

He broke in before I could start my sentence and shook his head, “the word sorry is so over-rated in your world.  It’s really a meaningless word.  You are only using the word because you think you have offended me or you are trying to be polite.  I am not offended by what you think.  Your thoughts about me and my story are irrelevant.  What you think of me is neither here nor there.  I have a story to tell and either you want to hear it or you don’t.”  He rolled his eyes and let out a heavy sigh, “I am sure there will be someone else that comes along the path that will be interested in hearing my story.  You are not the only person in this world.”

Saturday, October 17, 2020

Love is the Journey




We arrive into this world and are immediately programmed with the belief that our value is determined by what we own.  This conditioning continues through life and we all know what it is we are supposed to have in order to live up to society’s expectations of success.  Life we are told is about acquisitions and we are subtly shown how to achieve this through both the old and new media.


There are so-called reality shows of all types and varieties.  Yet, they are an illusion and are really scripted lives played out as real.  Edited versions for the masses to lead you down a certain path in your dance through life.   Usually it is a misdirected path.  Through the use of social media, we are directed to a mob rule mentality.  Flippant decisions made without thought and usually filled with negative emotions.  Follow the trend we are told that is where the happiness can be found.  Throughout it all we are shown images of success associated with how much you have acquired in life.  The name of the game in this world is basically, ‘what and how much do you own’?


Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Love Cannot Be Divided

We are in interesting times which usually means turbulent times.  Life as we knew it has been turned upside.  This has led many of those living in the now, to think that they must take a side.  It’s a situation of us against them, light against dark, evil against good, the awakened against the sleepwalkers…the list goes on.  There are light warriors and dark warriors.  There are meaningless phrases, slogans and chants.  Each side believes they are righteous in their cause and each side uses devious means.  All however, are caught in the web of duality.  The world of for or against and according to the laws of this dimension that which I am against; I am for.  


Now let me clarify myself before someone gets triggered.  I am not saying stick your head in the sand and pretend the world is not upside down.   Anyone with a little common sense can notice that this movie playing out on Planet Earth has taken a turn for the worse.  It appears the lunatics are running the asylum.  Although you have to hand it to the puppet masters, no one expected them to put such cunning twists in the script.  I mean this movie has everything.  Trickery, lies, money laundering, managed trauma, managed poverty, guilt, human trafficking, slavery, misinformation, devious behaviours, fancy slogans and campaigns, and once in a while a little twisted romance.  The only thing they are really missing is a subplot dealing with helpful aliens.


The movie being played out on the world screen, took us all by surprise and left us on the edge of our seat wondering when the next shoe will drop.  It continually takes us to the edge of the cliff of fear and leaves us dangling.  We are at the mercy of outside forces and have no power.  We are going to die.  The thing that most people forget is this movie has been playing out since the beginning of time.  In this dimension, there is only repetition.  The movie is on a continual loop – different scenarios, same intent to lower your vibrational state of being and leave you in fear.  Once in fear, you cannot operate in love.


At points, it is exhausting watching the show.  It defies logic and just when you think you understand the underlying story, BAM they throw in a new plot. Now there are a lot of different techniques they use in this movie.  Used throughout the centuries, the Hegelian dialectic has been used to take control of your mind by way of the movie.  The puppet masters will create a problem, the people will react and then they will offer a solution of dubious means.  


Now the reaction component of this script is where the puppet masters take their great delight.  The sole intent of their devious problem is to divide the population as they move them to their desired solution.  One of their finest techniques in dividing the population is the use of synecdoche.  They amplify one aspect of the movie and direct your energy to that portion of the movie to trap your emotions.  Through your focus, the problem becomes amplified and when one is in a crowd they participate in behaviours which may not be of love.


This b-rated horror flick is designed to sink you into the frequency of fear and take you away from the power within.  In essence, the intent of the whole movie is to become the regulator of your mind and ultimately your emotions.  Through this movie, you have given away your power to outside forces and in reality, there is no power out there.  All change must come from within and it must begin with you.  Don’t allow yourself to get caught in the movie.  Don’t let the movie fill you with doubt that you miss the messages from within.  


Love cannot be divided.  Love does not play sides.  Love moves through the world untarnished by the violence.  As this movie plays out, one has to accept that in this physical existence on Planet Earth, you have been thrust into the dimension of duality.  Your birth was actually the start of your death and slowly you forgot who you really are.  In this world of duality, you have been taught that there are only two choices.  There is life and death, hot and cold, rich and poor, good and evil…and each plays out on a horizontal line we know as time.  


On this imaginary timeline, we never realize that our inner being is not confined to the horizontal.  Our inner being operates on the vertical which knows no time.  It is a state of being that operates in neither the ‘for or against’ dichotomy.   It operates on the path of love and all it takes for you to get on that path is a change in perspective or ownership of your mind.


Many will turn off at this point and think that I am saying paste a smile on your face or mask and pretend everything is marvellous.  No to do that gives away your power which comes from taking ownership of your emotions and learning how to stop yourself from operating on the extremities of polarity.  It also means that you are splitting the mind and moving away from your true purpose on this Planet Earth.  You cannot allow your emotions to be controlled by the movie.


You have to change your perspective on things and to do that involves a movement of mind.  Perhaps look at the humour in it and don’t become emotionally involved in the play.  It is all a big cosmic joke on many levels but do watch what is going on.  Do not allow yourself to be bamboozled or hoodwinked.  Bill Hicks used to say in one of his comedy routines, ‘…and then someone comes back and tells you, it’s just a ride and you go up and down and around but it’s all just a ride’.  This is an experience and how you respond is totally up to you.  You can see the whole thing as one mad house or you can bring things down to the micro level and just be amazed at how the sun shines.


Stand for your truth.  Do not try to change the outside world.  The emotional energy expended will knock you off balance and will require you to spend more time taking back your mind and emotions.  In this world of duality, walk the path of love.  

Have a happy day. Spread the Love.


Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Mind Pollution and Fear Porn

Marketers love the new and improved formula for pitching products.  Make a few product changes, repackage the outside, slap new and improved on the package, and consumers will buy it at a higher price thinking it is a better product.  Likewise, the propaganda machines use these and other psychological techniques to market the latest threat to humanity as information you need for your personal survival on this Planet Earth.  Of course, it is filled with the worst, of the worst-case scenarios and the possible outcomes always circle around death.  We quiver with the word.  Just as information can be used for good; it can also be used for dubious means such as shifting the world’s thinking down a dangerous road.

The bombardment of this information on the human psyche becomes the biggest threat to us.  This mind pollution permeates every moment of our existence and it is fueled by fear through its distortions of the truth.  It is mind pollution seeded by the fear virus.  Everything is meticulously scripted and all the actors show up to play their parts.  Celebrities, journalists, politicians, the common person and the exhaustive list of experts play across the screens of our mind and dump insidious subplots into our lives. 

Monday, May 18, 2020

Time to instil some more poetry...

The Clean-up

It is time.
Clean up all the irritations.
Let go of the petty frustrations.
Lay to rest your grievances.
Stop thinking in terms of this or that.
Release yourself from past mistakes.
Recognize you had some aches.
Forgive yourself for anger and hate.
Do onto others where it relates.
Relinquish your struggle to survive.
Allow yourself to come alive.
Just let loose, enjoy the ride.
Should at any point you have to surmise, 
remember that Love is on your side.
Quiet the mind.
Go within.
There are several options with which you can begin.
The choice is yours.
Just pick a door.  Go explore.
What are you waiting for? 

--Beverly Blanchard

Monday, April 13, 2020

Where is Love?

I, like most humans on this Planet Earth are told that we are under lockdown, house arrest for our protection.  It is being done to protect us from the deadly virus.  I have to admit, in some ways staying home is pretty easy for me.  I have lived alone for 35 years and for most of those years, I have worked alone out of my home.  Being alone is easy for me.  I like my own company and being alone I have been granted the opportunity to study a variety of subjects.  I do periodically however love being around people.  I love giving and receiving love.  I love hugs.  I love the human touch.  I love conversations over food.  Now with this current pandemic, and rules of social distancing I am forced to change my ways.

Let me back up a bit.  Years ago, I realized that if I did not make time to go out for a walk in the afternoon, I would miss out on people.  So, living in downtown Ottawa, Canada, I decided that every day at a particular hour I would go for a walk to the river.   The walk would bring me through the city centre and down along the river below Canada’s Parliament buildings.  I realized a long time ago a smile always opened doors to conversations.  Since, I have a happy disposition and I talk to everyone, I have met a lot of people.   They are my community.

Friday, April 3, 2020

Time for poetry...The Root of All Evil

The Root of All Evil

The root of all evil is not money.
It is not anger.
Nor is it greed.
The root of all evil has a far greater seed.
It is the manufactured fear which has led us to believe,
safety and security have now taken leave.
Living in fear is how life must be.

Magnified, manipulated, and used to control
by forces who aren’t working for the good of the whole.
Insidious creatures that lurk through the night,
greatly afraid of the loving light,
as it will melt the illusion that might is right.

They rule by fear,
with elaborate smoke and mirrors,
and take great cheer
in saying, ‘Love isn’t here.
Here, there is just fear!’

Oh, the unaware they do think it’s so,
and do fall prey to more government controls.
For the creatures that rule the night,
enjoy making fear their only plight.
For within the darkness fear can grab hold,
and play with the minds of men we’ve been told.

A tangled web of deceit,
synthetic lies which are really cheap,
done in an attempt to hide the truth really deep.
But no matter what they do.
The truth will always ring true.
For the root of all this evil is absolutely clear.
It is built upon the fallacy,
that on Mother Earth we must live in fear.

Copyright:  Beverly Blanchard 2013