Saturday, October 17, 2020

Love is the Journey




We arrive into this world and are immediately programmed with the belief that our value is determined by what we own.  This conditioning continues through life and we all know what it is we are supposed to have in order to live up to society’s expectations of success.  Life we are told is about acquisitions and we are subtly shown how to achieve this through both the old and new media.


There are so-called reality shows of all types and varieties.  Yet, they are an illusion and are really scripted lives played out as real.  Edited versions for the masses to lead you down a certain path in your dance through life.   Usually it is a misdirected path.  Through the use of social media, we are directed to a mob rule mentality.  Flippant decisions made without thought and usually filled with negative emotions.  Follow the trend we are told that is where the happiness can be found.  Throughout it all we are shown images of success associated with how much you have acquired in life.  The name of the game in this world is basically, ‘what and how much do you own’?


Therein lies one of the foundational problems with our society.  We see the world around us based on outward appearances and we back readymade stereotypes.  Those with all the toys are deemed successful in this world.  We don’t take into consideration the amount of debt associated with the purchases or the dirty deeds done to get the acquisition or the incessant emptiness underneath the false exterior of the person we are viewing.  Everything is superficial.  Nothing is very deep.  We look around and make judgements not from the heart or mind but from a programmed belief, an automatic reaction brought to us by the propaganda machine.  


In this dimension, we are told that our worth is based on what we have.  It is all about tangibles.  In a having world, we live disconnected from ourselves and are focused on filling up our lives with stuff.  How many subscribes did you get today?  Life we are told through reality tv and social media is about acquisitions, clicks, likes and glamorous lifestyles.  It’s about having the latest gadget or buying into the latest trend.  Open concept is the new thing.  Time to take down all the walls. So, we go on consuming, thinking that the more we have the happier we will be.  Yet, you can’t buy happiness.  You can’t buy love.  There is no cosmic store where you can trade in your dollars or bitcoins and get a nice little package of it.  Just don’t work that way.


Think about it.  How long does the happiness last after the purchase?  Or is the anticipated happiness replaced with fear, guilt and regret all prompting the need to go do it again.  The programming from birth to death in this world is consumerism.   Through this programming we are taken away from ourselves.  We are told happiness and all the good things are all out there.  So, am I recommending that you live in shack?  Give everything away?  No.


There is nothing wrong with having things.  There is nothing wrong with having nice be-longings.  The issue is when the things and stuff become your focus and you allow it to define your being.  Your being is not your stuff and unfortunately for some people, they will find out the hard way the reason coffins don’t have pockets.   Your life is not about what you acquire on the outside.  It is about what you acquire on the inside.


Enjoy your stuff but recognize your stuff is not you.  It is just stuff.   It is however time; time to awaken from your sleep.  Time to take down the walls that are within.  Time to delete some of the programming that is limiting your life and start getting to know yourself.  So how do you start?  You begin by looking at your emotions.  What state are you always in?  One of love, joy, sadness, anger, jealous, hate, fear…?  Try to connect your emotions to the thoughts you are predominately thinking.  Are you continually conjuring arguments with someone?  What spiteful words you are going to say to them but never will.  So why waste your imagination on the negative.  Become aware of the words you are using because it is these words that are impeding your shift to new state of being.  Recognize that the journey of going within is not completed in one week.   It takes constant attention, awareness of how you are using this moment.  


These days when I fall off the love wagon, I try to catch myself.  I don’t allow myself to dwell in the rant and I immediately switch the dialogue.  To consciously do this, I tell my inner being, I am sorry.  I love you.  Please forgive me.  Thank you.   I instantly start running to get back on that love wagon.  Life on the love wagon is a lot more fun.


Spread the love.  Wishing you days filled with many pleasant surprises. Bev



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