Monday, August 19, 2013

Aligned with Source Energy or Not - It's Your Choice

Bald Eagle
Charcoal Sketch by Beverly Blanchard
This is an excerpt from my unpublished manuscript entitled, Is this Happiness?  Alexis has just asked her Spirit Guide Bald Eagle about the dark beings she saw earlier in the day at work.
 “I know you find this hard to believe, but, there are lots of different beings operating in your world.  When you begin to recognize that there is more than what you see, feel and hear with your physical apparatus you open yourself to new dimensions and worlds.  You will begin to see things which may lead to you questioning your sanity,” he said.

She nervously gave off a laugh and added, “Question my sanity?  I was beginning to think that perhaps I should check myself in for psychiatric testing.”

Bald Eagle roared, “Alexis, sometimes you are so melodramatic.  Let us continue because this subject can get really confusing for you humans.  There is no such thing as evil.  There is no right and wrong.  There is only energy that is aligned with Source Energy and that which is not.  Energy that is aligned with Source vibrates at a higher frequency.  Energy that vibrates at a lower frequency and that what you as humans consider evil is that which is unaligned with Source Energy.  There are varying degrees of vibration; however they are still part of the whole.  There is no separation.  In other words, they are two sides of the same coin.  The darkness and the light cannot be separated.  In some cases the darkness is part of your experience to reflect back your vibration.  It tells you what is going on inside of you.  Sometimes the darkness is there to provide you with contrast because without contrast you would not be able to expand.  Your only purpose in this earth walk is to evolve and to do this one must align with Source Energy.  The dark beings and gargoyles you saw this afternoon are of a lower vibration and as such are not of loving intent. You must understand that every thought that has ever been thought is still around.  So there are those beings that tune their vibration to the lower thoughts and they vibrate as that which they are attuned.  In your world this lower vibration has its roots in fear and causes much havoc in your world.  Those that are overshadowing your colleagues are there because your colleagues have attuned themselves to negative thought streams.  The more of them around, the more difficult it becomes for you to maintain your own vibration.  You may find that you are confused and exhausted after you have interacted with them.  You must learn to maintain your vibration no matter what is happening to you.  They feed on fear. ”

She could not wait for him to finish and butted in, “Is that why I smelled this horrible odor before I saw them?”  It made her nauseous just thinking about it.  

“Yes.  Sometimes the smell they give off is indicative of their energy.  Remember rotten smell is usually a rotten energy.  They smell putrid because they are, and they are revolted by anything that operates from a loving vibration.  Next time you see them, try sending them loving light from your heart center or mentally send them a hug.  They will run from you pretty quick when you do that.”

She broke in again.  “Excccussse me.  See them again.  I do not think so.  Once is quite enough for me.  Thank you very much,” she paused for a second.  “And send them love?  That is absolutely preposterous.  I can’t believe that you can say that!”

He started laughing at her naivety.  “Sorry dear.  I hate to tell you this but in your world you cannot really avoid them.  As vibrational beings you have free will which is the choice to align with Source Energy or not.  What you saw this afternoon is only a small fraction of what is out there and you will see them in different forms and at different venues depending on your frequency.  To be honest, they may not be very nice but they can only come with your invitation which is your attention.  They are what you like to term as the family of darkness, and they vibrate at a lower frequency.  They want control, and throughout the course of history they have sought to achieve that through the use of fear.”  He became very serious with the last statement.  “That’s why it is important for you to awaken and take back your power.”

“But how do they take control of you? And if they are from the family of darkness, why would I want to send them love?”  She was anxious in her questioning, and was swimming between a fear of the power of their darkness, and a confidence in her ability to walk the path of alignment with Source Energy.

“I see the love part has you really baffled.  Send them love because that which you send out returns to you.  It is the Law of Attraction which states you get what you give out.  To send them hate only fuels the hate, and brings hate to you.  It makes you no better than they are.  Send them love, and you increase the love vibration.  Operate from love, and they cannot sever your connection to the Great Spirit.  You cannot attract them into your vibration when you are operating from love.”

“So basically what you are saying is likes attract.  Opposites will repel, and operating from love is the only weapon I have.  That makes me a spiritual warrior.”  She was slightly enamored with her new vision of herself.

Bald Eagle winced and sternly stated, “Except for a few technicalities you have a basic understanding.  Firstly, love is not a weapon and secondly, there are no warriors in love.  Love is love.  You operate from it, and you never have to worry about the dark ones.”

“Come on there has to be something more.  How do you know if they are trying to control you?  Do they just sort of takeover you?  All of a sudden you become mean and nasty?”  She looked like a little kid whose imagination was running wild.

Bald Eagle started laughing.  “You have a vivid imagination.  It is all very simple.  You hand over your power by taking no responsibility for your choices.  You have been doing it all through history.  A history, which I might add, is falsely depicted in your history books.”

“It can’t be that simple.  You mean to tell me Karen just handed her power and control over to the big black ugly thing that is overshadowing her?  What benefits is she getting out of?”  It was a little hard for her to believe that someone would hand their lives over to a dark being.  What would possess them to do it?

“Yes, she did hand over her power and control.  She made the choice to tune her frequency to the fear vibration.  Her biggest choice came when she decided that she did not care how she rose up the corporate ladder.  When she sent out that intent, she opened herself up to even more of their vibration.  Through time, she cut herself off from compassion and shutdown her heart center.  She cut herself off from the Source Energy’s connection.  She began operating more on manipulation and deceit.  Lies and schemes worked for her.  She told half-truths, and hurt people without any care for what she had done.  Her only intent was to rise up the ladder.  Who she hurt while she rose up the corporate ladder did not really matter to her.  The ends justified the means.  It was the outcome she was after.  As time went on she only thought about herself, and she took without giving back.  She removed herself from the circle of light.  She is always welcome back into the light, but as of now, she had gone the route of a lower vibration.” He looked somewhat saddened as if he had lost a friend.

For some unknown reason she felt the need to defend Karen’s actions and launched into a multitude of reasons for her behavior, “Bald Eagle, in all fairness to Karen she did have a rough past.  Life has dealt her some hard blows.  Losing her father in that car crash really shook her up.  She had had another one of their blow-out fights the day before.  She always tried to please him, and he just always cut her down.  I think she felt responsible for his death.”

Bald Eagle stood up, and walked out to the deck. “That was then, and this is now. Karen has had adversities in her life.  So has everyone else.  Your world is full of excuses for behaviors.  One has to take responsibilities for their choices regardless of what has happened in the past.  The past is the past, and it is only in this moment that you create your future.”


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