Thursday, September 19, 2013

The Law of the Mind

Let your mind start a journey thru a strange new world. Leave all thoughts of the world you knew before. Let your soul take you where you long to be...Close your eyes let your spirit start to soar and you'll live as you've never lived before. – Erich Fromm

The Law of the Mind identifies the need to bring harmony to all aspects of the mind and to learn to operate through the part of the mind which is influenced by the Universal Consciousness.  As the mystics down through the ages have said, man and the Cosmic Intelligence or God’s mind are one; and it is this mind that is influenced by your thoughts and speech.  The problem is man spends his time in words and thoughts which provide a negative return on its investment.  
Your mind is not a single entity, and in reality it is comprised of quite a few minds.  It is these fragmentary parts of the mind that keep you locked into a false sense of reality.   Through the use of your own mind, you tend to operate schizophrenically on the outer edge of your life believing that the facts presented to you throughout the day are reality.  It is why in the morning you awaken full of love and by the evening you are filled with unloving thoughts if not downright anger.  You have allowed the influences of the day to direct your thinking and stimulate your imagination.  In other words, you are using your imagination toward the negative.  For some people, the constant dialoguing within their mind keeps them either locked into a pattern of spending time worrying about the future that is not, or rehashing the past that is gone.  If you do not learn to control your mind, you become a slave to it and where you place your focus becomes your reality.
Since your reality is created through your thoughts and speech, it is important to identify what mind you are feeding throughout your day.  Is it the ego mind?  The one that keeps you addicted to your emotional programming.  The mind which is busily trying to protect you by automatically triggering your security fears, sensation longings or power grabs.  Is it the rational mind?  The one that attempts to support the ego by furnishing all the reasons why you are right and another is wrong.  Why things cannot be done?  Why you need to lower your standards?  Why logic is the only way to look at things?  Neither of these minds takes a break, and when left to their own devices they lead you down the road of unhappiness because you relinquish the responsibility for your own thinking.

Our ego and rational minds process, manipulate, suppress, change and distort our reality by giving us false judgments about how we should or should not operate in this world.  Often these judgments are based on other people’s rules and opinions, or things we read or hear in the media.  Throughout the day we never take the time to determine if these events or beliefs are actually relevant to our lives.  Instead we allow them to circulate through our minds on a continuous loop never realizing it is those thoughts that are creating our world.

It is important to understand the role of the ego and the rational mind.  It is equally important to not allow them to be in the driver’s seat since both influences our imagination.  You must become conscious of your thoughts on a moment to moment basis and prune those thoughts that are not in your highest interest.  Speech is the image of the mind and mind is the image of Cosmic Consciousness.  Your imagination is like the projection screen and the thoughts you are thinking are continually creating your movie.  Are your thoughts conscious or are you allowing your inner dialogues to run amuck? 


1.  Moving out of the ego mind.  Spend one day agreeing with everything a person says.  Make the statement, ‘You are right.’ to anything anyone says.  Spend the next day saying, ‘I am wrong.’  With both of these statements it does not matter if you feel you are right, the purpose of the exercise is to let go of your ego.

2.  Moving out of the rational mind.  Before you do anything stop and ask yourself: ‘Why am I doing this?  Is this necessary?’  You want to quit smoking and are just about to light up.  ‘Why am I doing this?  Is this necessary?’  You are trying to create prosperity and you are working on clearing the debt load and you see these beautiful pair of shoes that you really cannot afford but your rational mind says, ‘buy them anyway just put them on the credit card.’  ‘Why am I doing this?  Is this necessary?’

3.  Shatter the Mind Chatter.  If you mind starts rampaging or you do not like what it is saying it is time to prune the vine.  Mentally see yourself cutting off the branch of thought and tell yourself: “Time for a new dialogue.”  Move to the dialogue to that which empowers you.


  1. Hi I really appreciate your all efforts which is specially for the meditation.

  2. If only more people believed in this and lived in this way! Im still working on some of these. Decide to be happy!