Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The Law of Purpose

For some unknown reason, we seem to have adopted the wrong interpretation of the Law of Purpose.  Somewhere down through the centuries, we came to believe that our purpose in life was to come here and make this world a better place.  Tied to this central theme was the idea that your role in making this world a better place was to get an education, get a job, and contribute to society.
Success in this definition was defined by that which was on the outside.  We were fulfilling our purpose in life if we had the physical trappings dictated by society.  Now there is nothing wrong with having things but when our focus is purely on the outer manifestation it takes us in the opposite direction from the original meaning of the Law of Purpose.  It is a direction that takes us away from our innate inner guidance. 

There are two significant components of the Law of Purpose.  The first is that you are here to experience life and through these experiences evolve and awaken to your authentic self.  In other words, to recognize you really are a divine, magnificent expression of Source Energy in action…Spirit in human form.
The second part of the Law of Purpose deals with following your passion. You are here to find and utilize the special gifts and talents that you possess.  It is important to recognize that your purpose may not necessarily deal with how you earn your income.  It may also not necessarily mean that you will be famous or that you will change the course of the history.  Your purpose may have little to do with prestige, power and sensations.  It simply means following your bliss and being the best that you can be.
A very good indicator of whether or not you are using the gifts and talents you have been given is your satisfaction level with life.  Are you complaining or praising?  Are you going through the motions or are you taking in life?  Are you doing what you are doing to please someone else or yourself?  Are you happy or ticked off?
Too often we give up what will make us happy to conform to the expectations of our family or society.  For instance, your father was a lawyer and his father was a lawyer and his father was a lawyer.  Lawyers run in your family and it is expected that you too will carry on the family tradition.  So you go to school and become a good lawyer even though what you really want to be is a professional sailor.  When you are on a sailboat your heart soars but you follow the family tradition.  You become a lawyer and except for the occasional sailing vacation, your life becomes one mechanical, mundane move after another. 
You have come to Planet Earth to follow your bliss and to awaken to the power within you. Start today.  The power rests with how you use your imagination.
1.  To identify your purpose look for those things that bring you joy when you are doing them.  What gives you passion?  What makes you happy?  What activities do you loose yourself in?  Start doing more of it.  Become happy and it spreads outward.
2.  Think back to when you were a child and think about all the things you wanted to be.  In your imagination, let yourself explore becoming one of your childhood dreams.  What would have it been like to be that sailor?  What would your life be like?




  1. There already are way too many laws - we don't need another one.

  2. Great post, Beverly.

  3. I just found you, seemingly by accident, but you & I both know there is no such thing. Synchronicity rules! I love the way your minds' eye sees. I want to share something with you..http://themercurialworld.blogspot.com/ It gives me great joy to share my daily (well, almost daily) blog. I know you will resonate with it. Knowing that you are a Canadian (as am I) tops the cake. Happiness & Joy to you and those you love in the New Year.

  4. This is 200% true. I love and believe in this post. The laws that people easily accept are those of science but this one one is true.