Wednesday, December 28, 2016

The Law of Responsibility

In the long run, we shape our lives, and we shape ourselves. The process never ends until we die. And the choices we make are ultimately our own responsibility. Eleanor Roosevelt

Under the Law of Responsibility life does not hand you anything that you cannot handle.  Every challenge that comes to you comes to you for your growth, and you who have attracted the experience  to you through the vibrations you emit.  How you respond to the challenge is up to you.  It is a simple little test designed with no operational guide and it is all graded by you.  Have you learned the lesson or do you go on repeating the experience and blaming everyone else for what it is happening in your life?

In our current world, we have been conditioned to believe that someone else or some situation is to blame for the negative situations or the experiences we are going through.  To some it was their parents.  They did not receive enough love and support from them.  They came from a poor family and were not given any breaks or vice versa; they came from a rich family and were given too many breaks.  For others, it is the culture they were born into.  They have been held down by some superior race.  Perhaps it is the job.  Everyone wants to play the blame game and push their responsibility for their current choices and mood on someone else.

Under the Law of Responsibility you have to accept that as an adult you are responsible for where you are now.  There is no one else to blame or praise for where you are in life except you.  As an adult you need to accept the responsibility for the choices you have made in life.  It is interesting in our society that whether we succeed or fail in something we always look to forces outside of ourselves for validating our outcomes.  We often neglect to recognize that it was our choices that brought us to this moment. 

Don’t like the present moment?  Take responsibility and change it. You created the mess, and it is you who can get yourself out of the mess.  No one else is keeping you down but yourself.  But you say; you don’t understand.  I am victim of…or I am not responsible for what is happening to me.  Either you take the responsibility to change the state of mind that you are operating in or you remain like a hamster on a wheel spinning round and round.

There are some who will use the argument that there are other people in this world that need help and they become responsible to a cause.  If you are not responsible for you; you cannot be responsible for anyone else.  You can help others to succeed.  You can support them.  You can provide them with compassionate understanding.  You can help them find their value and self esteem, but ultimately, everyone is responsible for themselves.   People learn when they become responsible for the consequences of their own actions.

If you chose to help another, understand that you must retain your point of center.  To do otherwise could mean that you lower your own vibration and hinder your own development and growth.  In these instances, you harm both yourself and the individual you are trying to help.  It also important to accept the fact that if someone is not prepared to take responsibility for their life there is nothing you can do.


1.  I did that. 

As you move throughout your day, consciously acknowledge everything that happens to you.  Take responsibility for all the good, bad and ugly by telling yourself; ‘I did that.’  For example, you are running late and everything seems to be going wrong.  Stop and say: ‘I did that.’  Don’t chastise yourself. Just stop and acknowledge your responsibility.  Then shift to a new state of being. 

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