Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Law of Assumption

Although there has been a significant amount of emphasis on the Law of Attraction, I believe the Law of Assumption is really the cornerstone in creating your reality.  Under the Law of Assumption, the world that you see depends not so much as what is there but the assumptions you make when you look at it.  Your assumptions are that which you believe, feel, think and consent to.
All of your experiences are determined by your assumptions and it is how you are using your imagination that is driving these assumptions to create your state of being.  For an assumption will build of bridge of incidents that lead inevitably to the fulfillment of your image of your conscious or unconscious desires.  

For many of us our thoughts are mechanical and because we are asleep to the power of our imagination, we have a tendency of negating everything and believing that everything outside of ourselves is fact.  Our continual negative thinking causes downward emotions and these pessimistic emotions keep us locked into unwanted experiences.  Here is a simplistic example.  If you believe that people have no manners and are rude, you will usually encounter these types of people throughout the day to validate your assumptions.  Someone will step in front of you in line.  Someone will not hold the door for you.  Someone will bump you on the sidewalk and look at you as if you did something wrong.
When we awaken to the power of our imagination, we can direct our assumptions along a more positive path and in doing so move our emotions in an upward direction.  When your emotions are flowing positively, you will discover that your world changes to match your concept of yourself.  It does so because the mind arranges an image of all you believe and consent to as true.
In order to work constructively with the Law of Assumption, you have to understand the difference between how the spiritual and physical world work.  In the physical or outer world, we have a tendency of saying, ‘this is reality’ or ‘this is how it is’.  We know the world through our mental senses and we have a tendency of having a fixed view of it. This objective view will always reflect back to you your inner state of being.
It is through the spiritual level or inner world that you have transforming power.  Through the conscious use of your imagination, you can subjectively appropriate your objective reality.  In other words, your assumptions places you psychologically where you are not physically and when the inner being knows that state of being it will project it into your reality.
So how do you work with the Law of Assumption?  You first have to have a desire or aim in life.  Once you have determined what it is you want; you need to go within and clothe your desire in your imagination.  Give it all the feelings of reality and play with your imagination until you capture the emotional state of being.  
Throughout the day, check in with your status.  Ask yourself:  Where am I psychologically?  Am I riding the desired state of being or am I viewing my world in the negative?  Am I keeping the tense?  By this I mean, how are you using the words, ‘I am’?  Are you in the present moment or are you saying, ‘I will be...” or ‘I am going to...’?  Bring yourself constantly back to the moment and allow yourself to appropriate the feelings of the state desired.  Do it often.  You have the power to rearrange your mind therefore changing your reality.   Begin it now.



  1. Your Law of Assumption resembles the premise for "The Matrix" ("Do you think that's air you're breathing!?") but doesn't address that there may be underlying rules, as there are in The Matrix. These rules may prevent you from reaching your goals, although not the hope of it.
    Are there any ancient teachings that are backed up by stories of success in achieving your aim? I can picture many accepted sages, Buddha, Confucius,... offering similar advice, but which one of them said, "See here, our friend Beverly has achieved this, and BEFORE the afterlife!"
    P.S. Sorry to hear about skating mishap, I think it was universal that day, I did it, too!

    1. There are actually other laws which might help you see why some goals we have happen instantly and others seem to keep eluding us. Sometimes it is simply because we are focused on the lack and we set a time frame to the achievement. Buddha had spent years searching for answers. It wasn't until he gave up that enlightenment happened. I found it interesting when I learned that prior to enlightenment he decided to eat a bowl of rice that was given him. His followers chastised for taking food and abandoned him for eating. Personally I think that there have been many people that have achieved enlightenment before they transitioned from this world. Thanks for the comment. Wishing you days of many pleasant surprises. bev

  2. I recently had a 'delicious' discussion on 'assumptions' with a good friend in which we reviewed the overall idea of intuition and imagination as characterized by assumption. Having been involved in the mantic arts for some 45 years while searching for understanding of the idea of self-realization led to this dialogue. It often is a failure of the seeker to dive beyond a 'memory' which fits what they believe is the causation of their dilemma and in not continuing to study the 'reasoning' as well as the 'causation' much more can be missed in the comprehension. It is much like the way we experience at one point of age and then at a later point the redundancy has already hidden the tentacles which created the memory of the earlier experience....even though the experience has been repeated in partiality, at least, time and again since its original form.

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  4. Neville Goddard was the one who first called it the Law of Assumption. Have you ever spoken about revision? That is another very powerful tool that any individual can use within the Law of Assumption.

    It is always about those inner conversations we have in our minds, and what they view and say. Many miss that distinction not realizing that they have the ability to change their reality in this way, by remembering a negative conversation or experience in the positive way they would rather it had happened in the first place.

    One can create the habit of revising a thing as it is happening and thereby change it, as all of it is contained within the original assumption. One simply needs to become aware of that possibility.

  5. The Power of Awareness by Neville Goddard a great read

  6. I was led to Neville in June 2019 and am so thankful. After studying the teachings of many new thought philosophies since 1998 and being reared in Christian fundamentalism, he was like breathing fresh air.
    Since noticing past manifestations that occurred after giving up or never being conscious of asking, the law of assumption seems ephemeral & ethereal. What is the difference between imagining & assuming; where do you cross the line?
    Then, there is the power of the elegant now. Borrowing from Eckert Tolle.

  7. Neville Goddard was a wonderful teacher and his work is excellent.

  8. Well I can clarify and also address the other things you mentioned. First of all, and Neville spoke of this factor often, it is the emotion of the scene implying the goal already accomplished that is the key that unlocks the whole thing. Without that feeling, most usually aren't able to see it through to actually happening.

    That is also related to your saying, "the law of assumption seems ephemeral & ethereal." They can often seem distant that way, but you already answered your own question above too, "Since noticing past manifestations that occurred after giving up or never being conscious of asking."

    The first piece answered the second piece. Detachment, but I am using that word in a bigger way than Neville usually did. He meant it as being detached from the old state you want to leave behind and instead having an attachment to the new one to the extent that you actually FEEL the way you would long after it was accomplished, that feeling of relief which is often a very strong one (much like fear is).

    Now I am suggesting a slightly different meaning, one in which your being detached actually allowed it to proceed to fulfillment, which is another way of saying it removed some potential blocks that may have been in place whether you realized that or not.

    Detachment is often assumed to be a state of indifference or non feeling or caring, but that is not necessarily true, or at least not entirely. There is a certain amount of releasing the idea, but not necessarily in the way that one might think. That emotional content needs to be present too because it is the literal key that unlocks the rest of it.

    Always think, feel, and live from the end, from a point where the goal had already been accomplished, where it is just a memory, or even where a friend is congratulating you on how it worked out so well for you. Never bother working out how it happened, leave that to God, or the Universe, or whatever else you choose to call IT. Neville said that God is only your human imagination. I do not believe that accurate, but I would say that what he taught was the learning to become aware of what each of us really is, soul. And this goes beyond religion btw, yet this principle is included in most religions for a reason. It IS both spiritual and it works, regardless of the mental names one uses to refer to the idea.

    Neville Goddard is almost the only one who recognized the importance of feeling as a key component, and that is why the law of attraction fails so often. They seem to never mention that one emotional component that is always present with us. Start using it to your advantage! Regardless of religion.

  9. Apologies to beverly blanchard for so many typos...here is a corrected version of that post, and please delete the previous submission!


    I'd be glad to answer your question. First of all, look at what you wrote, you actually answered your own question in a way, so allow me to fill in a few blanks.

    First of all, what Neville taught is usually completely missed by most New Thought authors, yet the basic idea is found in nearly every religion that has ever existed on this planet, though many do not point out what I am about to tell you. But the fact remains that the idea has been included in religions around the globe for a reason...it works.

    Now, to your question, there are a number of things to bring up and I'll tie it all up neatly at the end to help with being able to easily remember it. First you mentioned, "Since noticing past manifestations that occurred after giving up or never being conscious of asking..." and that is one element, that detached state which helps to clear blockage out of the way. Though the definitions most believe the word to hold are not quite accurate in Neville's usage of the word or mine. Neville meant to be detached from the old state that one wanted to change from, but I mean an overall sort of universal detachment that does NOT exclude the emotional component that is always with us and is a definite part of the human experience. That tidbit is what holds the key to it all as well.

    By what you said, it sounds as if you unknowingly "got out of your own way," so to speak, and practiced detachment, and then noticed a success in the manifestation, and i am telling you that that detachment is a compnent, but is NOT the most important one either. Bear with me. I mentioned that emotional component because Neville often spoke of it, but most others seem to completely miss it. It is the key to unlicking the door to the possibilities you want to manifest.

    FEEL constantly, the way that you would if the goal had already been accomplished. Feel that sense of relief that it is no longer a desire. Do this as often and as consistently as possible, and do not worry of ypu screw that up, because Neville says that he did the same himself. Just continue it. Get up off the ground and get back up on that horse! Always remember that emotional component and work that into your imaginal state, but also use a bit of that detachment too. And aa a final point, never try to work out HOW any of it will come to be. Just let it be! I learned this the hard way when I was younger by thinking and feeling obsessively about negative things that I didn't want to happen. Every last one of them DID happen however, I only had to realize that I was doing it to myself and change the haqbit and replace it with a better one.

    It is a known fact that anything you repeat daily for 30 or more days will become a new habit, so try creating a new and useful one, which is what I did. Be detached about the old state and how things will happen, just leave that to God or the Universe, or just unaddressed. Then always live from the end, from a state that implies the goal already accomplished, but FEEL that sense of relief too, it is very powerful. Practice and repeat. If you fall off, muster your strength and get back on and try again!

  10. Thank you so much for your sharing, much appreciated.

  11. Thank you for sharing this! 😃