Thursday, October 17, 2013

Who Is Using Your Imagination?

“Fools exploit the world; the wise transfigure it.” – Neville Goddard

We all do it.  Every day we rent or lease out our imagination for free.  We unconsciously allow not only the media, but our friends, acquaintances and colleagues to influence our state of being.  We have become absentee mind-lords, unaware that the thoughts that are occupying our minds are creating our reality.
It happens all the time.  We awaken in the morning feeling pretty good and then it starts.  We remember yesterday’s argument, and instantly we rent out our mind to those individuals we are in conflict with.  We surf the internet and allow the media’s portrayal of the world to direct our inner and outer conversations.  We listen to the so called experts and repeat their economic, political, health and world viewpoints never quite understanding that they are leasing our imaginations and using us as pawns to ensure the validation of their theories.
There are some that would say that they must know what is going on in this world otherwise the political or corporate interests will take over.  Unless we awaken to the global game plan we will be enslaved in a dark world.  It is possible.  It is also possible that perhaps the intent of the game is to direct the power of your imagination to create the type of world they want.  If the focus of your mind is on the negative intent of others, then perhaps you are unwittingly aiding and abetting those that you think you are against since that which you direct your attention you empower.
Throughout the course of history, there have been individuals who have conspired behind closed doors to create a fictitious boogieman in the minds of the masses. It all began with a thought in the imagination of these individuals as they sat around a table discussing how to fulfill their desires for power, create environments for war, divide people or destroy an economy.  Through the use of propaganda and fear they garnered the imaginations of others to support and fulfill their desires. 
We are taught to be conscientious about the food we put into our bodies, but when it comes to our minds we are oblivious to our mental diets.  We feast upon the tragedies of the day, and continually talk about our lives and world in terms of what we don’t want.  We never realize that what we are feeding our minds is actually creating our reality.  You cannot entertain thoughts of a world collapsing and not create that world.
So what can you do?  You can go on a mental diet for three days or a week.  Give up gossiping.  Stop reading and listening to the news.  Suspend your judgments and begin consciously observing your thoughts.  The only change you really need to work upon is yourself because you cannot change your outer world until you change yourself.
Once you have done this you and you go back to reading the news of the day, you may discover how through your emotions your imagination is being utilized.  When you are emotionally charged, you give away your power. Become more discriminating about what you are feeding your imagination because you don’t need mind tenants who are directing your movie.   

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