Saturday, February 15, 2014

Forgiveness and Your Imagination

Everyone and every experience comes into your life comes through your invitation.  You are not at the mercy of outside forces and circumstances.  We live in a universe of vibration and through your thoughts and emotions you draw to yourself events, people and circumstances.  It is all an inside job which is why forgiveness is not about the other person; it is about you.
Most people do not want to accept that they create their own reality.  Instead they would prefer to believe that lousy experiences and people are random happenings. It has nothing to do with your thinking.  Yet somewhere at some time, you offered the thought and as the old saying says, “careful what you ask for because it has a way of coming back to you.”

So what does your imagination have to do with forgiveness? Well lots.  Nothing is independent of you and the whole world must make real your unknowing or knowing imaginal acts.  Everything and everyone moves in compulsion according to your imagination or thought. You think a thought and that thought goes out in the world like a radio wave and connects with someone who will be compelled to act to assist you in fulfilling your request.
The problem is most people don’t remember what they are imagining and when they reap the harvest of their thinking they are flabbergasted.  Most think that what’s happening at the moment has come out of the totally out of the blue.  It hasn’t.  It is the result of the conscious or unconscious thoughts you have been thinking.
Now here is where most people misunderstand because they say, “I would never ask for things to work out this way.”  It is all vibration and the means through which things work is done on a spiritual level.  You never see your imagination at work.  You only see the results.
Let me give you a very simplistic example.  You keep telling yourself that you need to take some time off from work but you are a workaholic and figure you are indispensible to the company so you never do.  Then one day one your colleague arrives at work sick and sits beside you in a meeting.  The next day you find yourself sick and you are forced to take time off.  It wasn’t exactly the time off you desired but you created it.
Here is another example.  You get married to the man of your dreams but somewhere deep inside you figure it is too good to be true.  Every now and then you think that your significant other might cheat on you.  To make matters worse, you watch all these television shows about cheating spouses which of course fuels your speculation.  One day you discover your spouse has cheated and you tell yourself, “I knew it.”  Did you really know it or did you create it?
In each of these examples, what happens is most people blame the other for what has happened.  They never understand that somewhere at sometime they have created the situation.  When we enter into anger, resentment and blame, we never allow ourselves to move to forgiveness.  Forgiveness begins with you.  When you stop and forgive yourself you will find that there is a change in the perspective.  The other person is only actor in your play and they are fulfilling the script you gave them. 

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