Sunday, September 4, 2016

Law of Reconciliation

Every particle gets to individually decide.  And as every particle asks, it is answered—and the whole continues to thrive.” Abraham

The Law of Reconciliation states that instead of focusing on the differences, one should focus on the similarities for it is through the similarities that conflicts can be resolved.  Seek to find the common denominators of any situation and disregard the conflicting patterns.  To adhere to the conflicting patterns will keep you locked into a lower state of being.  In essence, reconciliation is not about guilt or blame.  It is not about making demands on those you feel have done you wrong.   It is about coming to a version of the truth that all parties can accept and working to forgive so we all may move on.

We live in a world where we are continually taught to look at our differences.  Men are different than women.  Muslims are different than Christians.  East Indians are different than North American Indians.  The British are different than the Americans.  This culture does this, and that culture does that.  This religion does this, and that religion does that.  This ideology is the way.  We never really take the time to realize that there are similarities among all of us and we are being continually manipulated by a propaganda machine which is intent on creating dissension.

You can start with the physical.  Every human being has a heart, lungs, stomach, intestines, etc.  They all must breathe and consume water and food. There are negative consequences to the human body if you do not nourish it.  No matter the culture or religion, the vast majority of human beings want to have a roof over their head, food in their stomach, and a good standard of living.  They want to go to bed at night knowing they are safe, and wake up knowing that they have a bright future.  They all want their future generations to have a quality life on Mother Earth, and to be able to enjoy that life.

If we are to reconcile the hostilities of our world, we need to begin looking at how similar we all are, and recognize all parts of the whole are interconnected, all related.   It starts with human to human interaction.  It starts with where you are now.  Only at this level can an acceptable version of the truth among parties can be achieved.  It is only through this acknowledgement that the next level of forgiveness be used to move forward. 

On a personal level, there is another way to employ the Law of Reconciliation.  Work to reconcile the differences within you.  The key is to use the law to reconcile mental states of being.   If you recognize that reconciliation on the inner level is basically the transmutation of mental states into another along the same lines of the particular continuum.  To do this you constructively use your imagination to consciously improve your state of being.

The simplest way to understand this is to think about a magnet.  Magnets have a magnetic north pole and a magnetic south pole. If the same pole of two magnets are placed near each other they will push away (repel), while if different poles are placed near each other they will pull together (attract).   So under the Law of Reconciliation opposites attract.

There is however a few points that need to be discussed in order to understand the opposites attract concept of reconciliation on your mental states.  For something to be reconciled the opposites must be on the same continuum/wave.  For example:   hot-cold/happy-sad/rich-poor/dark-light/east-west/love-indifference/fear-courage/etc.  Between each polar opposite on this continuum there is a range of degrees. 

Continuum of opposites cannot move into other classes.  Love cannot become west.   Rich cannot become courage.  The process of transmutation cannot be timed.  You can’t readily distinguish the exact moment when one degree becomes the other.  It is a movement.  Sometimes there is a quantum leap and the change seems to happen over-night.  It is like when you have been over-eating and one day you put on a pair of pants and they don’t fit.  You can’t pinpoint the exact moment the weight came on.

Since positive is always considered the higher degree, you always try to move up the continuum.  Here is a simple technique. 

Let’s say that you noticed that lately you have been rather angry.  Since you realized that this state of being is not serving you; think about the state of being that is opposite to anger.  It could be delight, contentment, happy, calm…whatever you decide.  Think about a time you were in that state.  You can use a prop like music.  Step into the state and become the feeling.  You most likely won’t sustain the feeling.   Something will be triggered to bring you back to anger.  When it happens consciously step back into the state of being that you want.  Recognize that on this level sometimes the stimulus that makes you angry is a mirror reflection of that which is within or can also be a projection.  You may also discover that it is not anger that is the issue.  It may be frustration.  Find the opposite and start again.

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