Sunday, October 16, 2016

A World Lacking Reasonable Thoughts

As I look around my immediate community or watch the media’s spin on the global world I often pause to wonder:  “Am I lacking reasonable thought or is this world showing a complete lack of reasonable thought?” Or to be completely frank, “Have parts of this world gone completely insane?”  I am inclined to answer in the affirmative.

It appears our world is not a healthy functioning society.  As a matter of fact, it seems the outer rings of our existence are moving to the polar opposite of love.  It is a world where up is down; and right is wrong.  The incompetent appear to be running the show.  Morals, values and integrity have been thrown out the window.  Profits are thought higher than life.  Justice is certainly not blind.  Debate has been replaced with politically correctness.  No discussion on this topic because you might hurt someone’s feelings.  Trigger warning (TW) here.  Matter of fact, if you attempt to engage in discussion you get shut down with a series of intimidating tactics.  You are called names, screamed at, bullied and accused of micro-aggression.  Finally in your exhaustion, they silence you by telling it’s a majority decision. 

Only the vocal minority is not always the majority and there is a term for this form of mind manipulation.  It’s called:  Astro-turf Propaganda.  It’s when you don’t agree with the perceived majority’s decision and the propaganda machine makes you feel like you are some sort of alien creature.  It’s the old, ‘everyone else believes this and if you don’t then there must be something wrong with you’ or ‘you’re a conspiracy theorist’ or ‘you are racist’.  When you investigate some of these claims you soon discover either there is a menacing force in the shadows or it’s a small group of people who know how to use the system.     

In our desire to be connected, we have become reckless and abusive with our choice to react in the moment.  Social media has been used to angrily condemn people, events or situations.  In many instances, the people who take to these causes do not even have the facts.  Instead they get emotionally charged by a sliver of information and roll along with the mob posting tirades of bitter attacks.  Somewhere in their vigilante mentality they figured they are the judge, jury and prosecutor and their lynching is justified.

We say technology has allowed us to be more connected than ever.  Yet, go anywhere and everyone around you will be fixated on a little machine in their hand.  The human beings around them do not seem to exist.  It is sad to say, for many people the phone is the reality.  Instead of a tool to communicate, it has become a fixation, an addiction. The mistaken notion that one might miss something has people continually checking their cell phone and missing the world around them.  Through our phones we opt out of this world and place all of our awareness in a little box held in our hands.  

On a global level, I am convinced that those in positions of leadership have serious psychopathic tendencies.    It is like a bad reality show.   They are of no great intelligence.  Most are of a mediocre mind.  They are however exceedingly cunning and clever.   Many have used dark weapons of deception in their desire for power.  The mask they wear in public is often very different from the one they wear in the backroom.  If you look back in history you will find that no one of any genius ever aspired to politics.  Only the insecure aspire to power and look where the insecure power junkies are leading us with their misrepresentations.

Coupled with the politicians are the global financial institutions which are overflowing with criminality.  We no longer print money; we just magically have it appear on digital spreadsheets.  The best salaries are paid to those who contribute the least amount of value to society.  Corporate executives are paid multi-millions to think of ways to improve the profits and they do it at any cost.  The bottom line is all that matters.   We have central banks that are slowly imploding the economy and bankrolling the terror by threatening to raise interest rates.  The world has become a banana republic rolling in debt.  Bubbles abound and someone is eventually going to prick the bubble. 

To counter the financial demise, mainstream media continually rolls out the experts to discuss how things are on the upturn in the economy.  Many of these so-called experts continually err in their ramblings but they are still considered the experts.  I can only wonder what dimension they are living in.  Packaging has gotten smaller and prices have gotten higher.  In our disposable society products are designed and engineered to fail.  Used products are tossed into the landfills of third world countries while we in the west talk about what we are doing to improve our Mother Earth. 

To add to the economic woes, we have a propaganda machine that perpetuates the myth that a higher education will ensure an individual will get a good paying job.  Only the system does not allow a higher education that will bring about higher knowledge and understanding.  Critical thinking is frowned upon.  Instead the overpriced system pushes the younger generations into debts that will enslave them to the financial parasites.  The promised jobs in today’s economy will never materialize and eventually another bubble will bust.

So if this is world that is being projected on the collective screen what do you do?  Move to a cave? Recite only positive affirmation and chants?  Avoid negative people?  Only focus on positive things and stick your head in the sand?  Join a community of like minded individuals?  There have been people that tried all these things over the course of history.  The reality however is that we are all affected by the programming which produces a mass consciousness.  So the question becomes how do we disconnect ourselves from that which is not operating for our highest interests?

It starts with learning how to disengage your emotions from the dramas played out on the screen.  It is not to say you become unemotional but you recognize when your emotions are being manipulated by the propaganda machine to lead you down the fear road.  It is learning to discern what information you are going to believe and what you are going to leave behind.  One has to be in this world but not of it.  To do this you have to become the observer.  The watcher seated in the audience viewing the current screening of the collective life.  You can ooh and ah at various moments but you know it’s only a show.   


  1. Very good article. I particularly agree that it is our task at this time to "disconnect ourselves from that which is not operating for our highest interests", and that the key to this is becoming "the observer" - detached from the old paradigm control freakery and fear-based consciousness.

    I have been reading your blog posts for a while now, and they are always perceptive and engaging.

    Thanks :)

  2. Yet another great article, its interesting reading it and looking at the state of affairs we're in at the moment.

    I love this blog, keep posting more of this insightful items.