Tuesday, January 9, 2018

The One-Minute Technique to Change your State of Being

We sometimes forget the simple and get caught up in the dramatic.
For those that know the face that I give out to the world, I live a charmed life.  My public face has always been one of a happy and positive person who never has any problems.  I am friendly and nice.  I help where I can.  Those that are acquainted with me know I have surmounted many challenges and when the challenges have come they hit on a variety of levels at the same time.  At points, my friends would wonder how much more I could withstand for it looked like I was trying to cross the Atlantic in a rowboat and I had hit another storm of epic proportions. Yet the sun would come out for me and I would persevere in my journey.

Throughout it all, I made a promise to myself that when I walk out my apartment door no one deserves to be the subject of my anger or frustrations with my life.  Instead my intent has been to make everyone whose path I cross better.  I bring into play a very simple technique.  I smile.  Doesn’t matter who I pass, I smile.
Since I have lived in the same neighbourhood for over 30 years, I am quite technique I have employed has never failed me.   Firstly in adopting this belief, I accrue an immediate benefit.  I change my state of being.  The secondary benefits are that you open yourself to the community around you.  You meet people.  A smile usually elicits a smile.  It is powerful.  You have the power to change other people’s states of being.

You cannot be angry when you are smiling.  You can’t think negative thoughts when you have a smile planted on your face.  You can think sinister thoughts but that smile is a different type of smile.  It uses a few different muscles.
The benefits practicing smiling can have on your on your body are immense.  Research has shown that smiling releases serotonin – a neurotransmitter that produces feelings of happiness and well-being.  Simply stated smile and you enter into a circle of happiness.  Smile and you feel happy, you feel happy and you smile!  You look younger.  You improve your vibration and your outcomes.

Try it right now.  Plant a big smile on your face.  Give yourself one that brings the corner of your lips to your ears.  Hold that pose for one minute and let that smile drop into your body.  What you will discover is your body will start changing.  Your breathing will be deeper.  Your muscles will relax.  You will enter a new state of being.   


  1. It is kind of amazing that we smile when we feel good, but the reverse - we feel good when we smile - is also true.

  2. Smile of the Inner being is love very contagious it's always very welcome