Sunday, February 18, 2018

Navigating the Duality of the World

You have to monitor the thinker of the thoughts.

Now I get it that there are a lot things happening in our global world.  There are financial bubbles about to burst.  Our world leaders both political and corporate are not exactly from the love team and they participate in a lot of dirty dealings.   Celebrities believe they can teach us about virtuous behavior.  The media have become repeaters.  Political correctness has shut down dialogue.  With the push of the technology sector into the internet of all things, robots, transhumanism and Artificial Intelligence (AI) our freedom is on the verge of extinction.  The blockchain is going to change our life and spirituality is an assortment of conflicting beliefs where you are left wondering if this is all one sort of computer simulation gone mad.   To top things off, there are a lot of stupid people in this world.  I get all of it and more.  The point is if you allow yourself to get sucked into letting that part of play drag you down you are allowing yourself to be sucked into their negativity.

People get hung up on deciphering duality in terms of what they are seeing in this world and many have become ensnared into a practice that allows outside factors to dictate their state of being.  I will admit it appears that our world is barrelling down a path into some dark roads and the pendulum is swinging on the negative side of the equation.  It is really hard sometimes to see the loving side of things when evil seems to be thriving around you.  It is at this time that you need to ensure what is happening on the outside world does not dictate your vibration.
So how does one navigate through this world of duality?  How do you not fall into allowing circumstances to dictate your state of being?  How when the world seems to be so upside down can you see any small glimmer of bright life?  The first task is to remove your focus from the outside world.  Now that doesn’t mean you check yourself into a monastery and take a vow of silence.   It simply means to remove your emotions and feelings from the situation.  Become the watcher.  It is important to be aware of what is going on in the world.  There are some sinister plots being conducted on the global stage.  Be in the world and be aware of what is going on but do not allow those emotions of the propaganda machine to attach themselves to you and dictate your state of being.

To navigate through this current awakening in this world of duality your focus has to come back to you.  All truths rest within.   Begin by taking the time to watch how you respond or react to situations in your immediate life.  Who are you giving away your power to?  Do you watch the news and do you feel fear, doom, doubt and dread?  After hanging around a negative friend, do you feel drained?  All of these are like octopuses reaching their tentacles into your energy field and draining you and they don’t just drain you once.  They hang on and become ghosts in our mind clogging our thinking.  At this time more than ever, your attention must focus on how you are responding or reacting in this world.  You have to begin to look at your feelings and emotions in terms of investments.  Where are you putting your energy?  What vibrational wave are you riding?

Becoming aware of your thinking and feelings is not for the weak at heart.  It demands that you make every effort to start taking back your power.  You start watching your own behaviour and in doing so you begin to understand that you can turn those buttons off that people or situations trigger.  You can cut off the energy supply to those tenants that are renting space in your brain for free. 

Wishing you a day of many pleasant surprises.  

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  1. Hi

    Correect version of the "personal mantra"

    Any time I am tested
    I am grateful for the lesson I am receiving
    I do not anger
    I do not worry
    I do not judge
    Whatever are the circunstances
    And even I do not understand circumstances
    Because it is a guide to the secret purpose of my life
    To reconnect with my inner peace
    By focusing in solving the personal issues
    Identified for me in the test...

    Sorry about that
    Have a great peaceful day