Wednesday, April 25, 2018

The Law of Unconditional Love

It's a waste of energy to be angry with a man who behaves badly, just as it is to be angry with a car that won't go. – Bertrand Russell

Unfortunately in our world, the word love has gone astray from its original meaning.  Instead it is a word that now comes with strings, bondage and dependency.  A word that is cloaked with clever phrases that are only masks for our own fear, doubt and hate.   I will love you if… if you loved me you would…I love my…I just love ice cream.  Through our society’s programming and conditioning we are lead to believe that love is associated with inanimate objects and nothing to do with action.  We are taught the opposite of love is hate.  Through political correctness we are guided to think that in order to demonstrate love, we must all agree and have the same opinion.   Unfortunately by following this prescribed path, we miss the mark and we get trapped in the world of duality.

Love is not the opposite of hate.  Love has no opposite.  It has no conditions.  It is not part of the duality.  Pure love just is.  This law teaches us to recognize that ours and everyone else’s essence is basically good or of the love vibration however buried within the person that may be.  Now I know that sometimes it is extremely difficult to see someone’s inner light when it is the size of a pea and their behaviors reflects that of pure evil.  What is essential to understand is that the behavior is almost always a façade for the person’s lack of self esteem or fear-based thinking.  Many are shunted in their emotional and mental growth and are locked into behaviors that based on fear, doubt and hate.

Everyone in this world functions according to their own set of programs, beliefs, and perceptions.  Since everyone is energy, they are more than their physical bodies.  Their behaviors may suck but beyond the physical, somewhere inside them is love unless of course they are a clone or robot.  It is this essence that is part of everyone.  It is important to recognize that other’s behaviors are simply misguided programs used to get some intended outcome such as:  love, acknowledgement, abundance, support, help, power, wealth and so forth.  Unfortunately, since most people have a significant amount of baggage from their childhood many including ourselves are using less than stellar behaviors to try to obtain these qualities. 

Under the Law of Unconditional Love no matter what the behaviors, you love them anyway.  Who are you to judge?  There is no being on this planet that is perfect.  No one is living the perfect life.  Now love without conditions does not mean that you become a walking matt for the mean and nasty.  It does not mean that your opinion does not count.   Everyone has a right to their opinion and if we all agreed on everything it would be a really boring world.

It is, however, important to understand what love is and in order to understand it is best to start with what love is not..  Love is not the things of the poets and romance.  Neither is love a bargaining tool.  If you are using it to get something from someone else, it is not love.  It is manipulation.  Love does not operate on the assumption that if I do this, this person will love me.  Love is pure energy and is always returned no matter what the behavior.  One may not like the behavior but one still loves.  Love loves everyone as an unfolding being without conditions, judgments or condemnation.

The Law of Unconditional Love is a really hard one to comprehend especially when someone has done something to hurt you or someone you love.  You want to label them as bad people who have no love in their hearts.  You believe that they are evil and therefore should not be loved.  Yet, the opposite is true.  They have love deep in their being.  It is however their behaviors which do not contain love.

There are points in all our lives where we have operated according to some very misguided programs.  Have you not said something that hurt someone else because you were trying to get them to love you?  Appreciate you?  Acknowledge you?  Offer everyone the right to be who they are.  Recognize, however; that when working with unconditional love it does mean that you must accept or even like everyone’s behavior. You may dislike someone but you still love them as a human being.  As you work with the Law of Unconditional Love, you will find that your relationships with others will become smoother.  Antagonism seemly melts away from your life, and the people you attract into your life are more like you.

Wishing you a day filled with many pleasant surprises.

Exercises you may want to try:

1.  Think of someone that frustrates you.  Identify three positive attributes about that person.  Now think of three reasons why that person is worthy of love.  After you are finished, still your mind and from your heart centre visualize love flowing out from you to that particular person.  After doing this you will see immediate signs of improvement in your relationship.

2.  Do something to demonstrate that you love yourself.  Start a diet.  Buy yourself flowers.  Take a long leisurely bath.  Take a day off.  Call into work and tell them, ‘I am too well to come in today.’  Spend the day doing something you enjoy.

3.  Go on a negativity diet.  Stop berating yourself.  Stop berating other people.  Stop complaining about the weather. 

4.  Practice loving acts of outrageous kindness. 

5.  Do not engage in gossip or rumors.  You would not allow your neighbor to come over and dump garbage in your garden so do not allow anyone to pollute your brain with mental garbage or poison. 

6.  Stop reading the newspapers and watching the news.  Read only inspirational materials.

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