Sunday, January 20, 2019

Truth Trauma

It is no measure of health to be adjusted to an extremely sick society. - Krishnamurti

For those new to this truth journey or who are suddenly awakened to just how upside down our world is; the truth can traumatize you.   Actually, to be honest, it can also traumatize if you have been on this journey for a long time.  Awakening is not a destination, it is a process and when you dive down the rabbit hole, it can leave you feeling demoralized, depressed, despondent or downright angry.  It is a big letdown when you discover that all you were led to believe was based on a lie that was propagated down through the ages as the truth.  Even worse, it is not just one lie.  No, it is a spiderweb of lies that are intrinsically woven together. 

History was written by the winners and was never based on truth.  It was based on a story that would keep the populations of Planet Earth in a deep, deep sleep.  Until a few sparks went off and some people started uncovering the truth.   The truth that there are beings in this world who control everything and have orchestrated the devastations and divisions on this Planet Earth.  It is the game of chaos and it has been operating for a long time with the sole intent to grab your mind and control it.

Uncovering information that is contrary to what you have been programmed to believe can you leave you in tizzy.  For many, the first response is one of disbelief and betrayal.  You feel disappointed.  The world you grew up in was not what you were told.  The society you live in was actually very dark and evil.  The people at the top really didn’t care about the people’s interests.  It was all about them and profits, and now it’s about longevity.  These people and the institutions they represent were and are weavers of deception with the intent to keep you in states of fear and lack.  They created a story where the outer was more important than the inner.  A world that took you away from your own power and true purpose.

Although more people are awakening to the deception, there are probably few people in your immediate circle that you can actually have a conversation with about the information you are uncovering.  Friends and acquaintances scatter when you bring up the subject of how we are living a lie.  They don’t want to be awakened from their slumber.  They are living the dream given to them at birth and are doing everything they can do to make it through their daily lives. It will make your life easier if you stop trying to be someone else’s alarm clock.  To cite an old proverb, ‘You can lead a horse to water but you cannot make it drink’.  So, what do you do?  Stop talking about it?  Stop researching?  Go back to sleep?  No to all three of those questions. 

You keep talking about it but become more cognizant about where you are putting your energy.  If you are continually drained after a dialogue with someone perhaps you need to learn to distance your emotions from the subject and the individual.  It can be disheartening when you know information that many are not interested in.  You can feel dejected and angry which is where the old programming wants you to be.  Chose the people you share your information with.  Recognize you are not here to educate or save the world.  We will get to the rationale for this point because I can hear people saying we are here to make this world better.

Once you start down this path, you can’t stop researching because what you discover is the rabbit hole is deep and at points it can be confusing.  You think you understand how things are operating and then your applecart gets knocked over.  You discover what you thought was truth was deception.  Once you start down the rabbit hole there is no stopping.  You can’t turn back and unlearn what you learned.  You can try but there is an innate desire to know the truth.  Eventually in your research, you will hit a point when you have to accept that this world is not about hugs, love and peace.  It is at this point you have to shift your focus. 

To really conquer truth trauma, you must learn to move into the inner.  The inner being holds your power and it comes through balance.  Your main mission in this dimension or world is to maintain your balance.  To dance your way through the duality.  You are here to learn, experience and grow and yes there is some suffering.  Go through your experiences but do not become attached to them.  Don’t get stuck on either side of the polarity.  Life is like a rollercoaster ride.  It is all peaks and valleys and everything always works out although at the moment you may think otherwise.  It is time to become the observer and you will know when you are in this mode by your reaction.  If you are watching; there is no emotional charge. 

Wishing you a day of many pleasant surprises!


  1. I really appreciate your kind knowlage. This is where i'm at. I have been axpressing to others that you can't unlearn something when you find it's truth...

  2. Just found you and have been reading. You might find some synchronicity: