Thursday, March 14, 2013

Energy in Motion

Lake Superior and Good Feeling Emotions
The third major component in the creation of your reality deals with your emotions.  Our e-motions are actually energy in motion and they are vibrations.  The emotions we are feeling send out signals  that attract to us the situations we encounter in our daily lives. 

There are really only two emotions:  love and fear.  Each is at the opposite end of the vibrational spectrum and between them is a variety of related emotions.  In the range of love, we have the feelings of joy, bliss, happiness, worthiness, security, etc.  At the spectrum closer to fear we have emotions such as: anger, greed, disappointment, hatred, jealousy, anxiety, frustration, etc.

There are no are no wrong emotions.  All emotions are valid and provide you information about where you are focusing your energy.  Like a gas gage on your car, your emotions are indicators telling you where you are on the vibrational spectrum. 

Many of us never make the connection of how our emotions are actually fueling our thoughts and words.  Instead we allow our feelings to run amuck and we end up stuck in both emotions and thinking that are not working in our highest interest. 

With regards to our emotional growth, here is an interesting point to ponder.  At an emotional level, the majority of adults have not grown up beyond the age of thirteen.  Meaning most people are still using the emotional behaviours they learned as a child to cope with adult situations. So next time you are faced with an individual exhibiting bullying tactics in your life, you might want to see them as a frighten child in adult body. 

When we do not acknowledge the emotions we are feeling, they don’t go away.  Instead these repressed feelings surface in other ways in our life.  We end up sick.  We put on weight to protect ourselves from our outside world.  We move through the day with aches and pains or we become lethargic.  In some instances, we continually bump into furniture and hurt ourselves. 

In order to work with and understand your emotions you need to become aware of them.  What does the word love feel like to you?  What about the words:  easy, secure, fun, happy, confident?  What happens to your body when you allow yourself to step into these emotions? 

The more you become aware of how you are feeling throughout the day, the easier it is to shift your emotions.  Shift your emotions, you change your thoughts and you change your point of attraction.  When your point of attraction shifts, you may find that the people and circumstances that brought you grief no longer show up in your life or you handle them differently. 

One further point I want to make regarding the shifting of emotions is this:  confronting the person you are angry with when you are in an angry mood will not always improve the situation.  Sometimes it is better to do the inner work and wait until you are in a better frame of mind.  Anger begets anger and we end up saying things we later regret.  Sometimes it is better to move the emotion first.  So how do you move those emotions that are not serving you?  Here are a few tips:

Ø  Do some physical exercises...go to the some yoga...go for a walk...
Ø  Chop vegetables.
Ø  Stop ranting to everyone about the situation or person.  The more you talk about it the more it gains momentum.
Ø  Cry.  Sometimes crying offers us a release.
Ø  Look for a better feeling thought.  For example, if you are feeling frustration you could tell yourself: I am doing alright.  This too shall pass.  Everything always works out for me. 
Ø  Breathe.  All your emotions are connected to your breathing patterns. Practice taking long slow deep breaths and remember to exhale. 

Next post I will discuss more about our emotions.   For now here is a video of Daniel Goleman explaining his theories of emotional intelligence.




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