Wednesday, March 27, 2013

You Are Valuable

Spirit of the Light
Pencil Sketch by Beverly Blanchard
Do you value yourself?  Most of us don’t.  We taught early in our lives that loving ourselves is wrong.  We are told that the opinions of others matter and tooting your own horn is being arrogant, narcissistic.  We are given teachings that tell us we should put others first and instead of following our bliss we back readymade ideas of how we are supposed to be and act in this world.  If we do this and that then we will be of value.

The only thing is value does not come from the outside.  Your value is not about how much money you have in the bank or the job you hold.  It has nothing to do with where you are on the social scale.  There are people at both ends of that spectrum who clearly do not value themselves.  It is not about how many hours you put into your job or how many struggles you face your life.  Your value in this world can only come when you recognize that you are valuable.

My mother once said to me, God does not make junk.  She was right.  Source energy or God, it does not matter what term you use is about evolution and love.  If you accept the fact that you are worthless and undeserving in this world then you are basically saying, ‘All of creation is worthless and I am the only part that does not fit in.  I am unworthy of love.’  Now that is an arrogant statement.

Of course you can always accept that statement as fact because Source Energy will always love you unconditionally but why choose a miserable existence?  You are a divine magnificent expression of Source Energy in action.  Accept that fact and awaken to the fact that you can be and do anything you want.  You have a right to be here.  You have a right to enjoy life now.  You are valuable.  I leave you with a poem I wrote from my book, Into the Waves.

Be You
Society may want a carbon copy.
But look around.
There are no assembly lines.
There are only originals.
Look at nature.
No flower is ever the same.
Every tree is different.
Nothing in existence is duplicated.
And neither are you.
Everything in existence is unique,
and this includes you.

You are not a puppet, no one is pulling your strings.
At any moment, make the decision.
Drop the illusion you are powerless.
Drop the belief that to conform is correct.
Drop the program that you have no meaning,
or that existence is out to get you.
Existence is only for you.
Be innocent.
Be childlike.
Be trusting.
Be you.

Walk the fine line between madness and sanity.
For you were created as a unique being.
You are a shareholder in human consciousness,
and you have an important song to sing.
Find that song.
From the center of your being,
sing that song.  
Sing it proudly.
Because without you the stars,
moon, sun, earth, sky and trees will miss you.
A small part of existence will be vacant.
Release yourself from the illusion of smallness.
Release your emotional hold on the past.
Remember, live in the head you live in stupidity.

Love opens the eyes.
Now is the only moment.
Here is the only space.
You are the only you.
Silence your mind.
Listen for that small, still voice within.
Live with an open and simple heart,
And, like a feather, goodness will find you.

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