Monday, March 18, 2013

Fear - False Evidence Appearing Real

A Dark Corridor
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We live in a world that is continually selling us fear.  Our media is frequently citing statistics about how dangerous life is for us, and we have a corporate world that offers us a variety of contraptions and pills to save us from the boogieman of fear.  We have become so accustom to the onslaught of fear in our world that we can no longer distinguish the difference between true fear and manufactured fear. So what exactly is the difference?   

True fear causes physical responses in our body. Our vision becomes more focused; lactic acid is pumped into the muscles.  A chemical called “cortisol” is released into the bloodstream, which prepares you to either fight or take flight.  It is natural mechanism that lets us know we are in danger.  It is an also an internal response system in which our intuition provides us with information to keep us safe.  For example, you are walking through the woods and a large black bear crosses your path.  You don’t think about anything you run for your safety.  Under true fear survival is your primary mode. 

Manufactured fear has no basis in reality and is conjured based upon your perceptions about a situation or person.  For instance, the company is downsizing and you are fearful you may lose your job.  Manufactured fear is often accompanied with worry and doubt.  In the case of worry, we create negative scenarios about what might happen.   Whereas doubt is a 100% trust in a belief you don’t prefer.

The problem with continually operating from a mode of manufactured fear is our body become impervious to its natural responses.  We no longer listen to our intuition or gut feelings.  Since we are running on adrenalin our immune systems become compromised and we lose our ability to make rational decisions.  Since everything is vibration our fears actually become self fulfilling prophecies.

So how do you step off the fear vibration?

1.         Change your worry to wonder.    For example, if you are in the midst of a downsizing at work.  Instead of worrying about losing your job you might want to change your thinking to a positive outcome.  ‘I wonder what it would be like to two job offers on the same day.’

2.         Change your worry to ‘wouldn’t it be nice if’ statements.  ‘Wouldn’t it be nice if I found a better job that paid a higher salary?’  ‘Wouldn’t it be nice I won the lottery.”

3.         Get in touch with your intuition by playing games with it.  Your intuition can be in feelings, visions, auditory statements or bodily sensations.  How does your intuition work for you?

4.         Stop listening and reading the news.  Try it for one week and you may discover you are not missing anything.  You may also discover that your mood is substantially improved.

Next post I will look at how guilt operates in our life.

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