Thursday, October 2, 2014

The Purpose of the Ego

There are some who say the ego must be cut or annihilated. Remove the ‘I’ from your life and focus on living a life of service.  Life, we are told is about giving to others and there can be no room in this world for the concept of putting oneself first.
Perhaps there is some truth to the concept that we are put here to make this world a better place.  The problem is this belief gets twisted and neglects to recognise the starting point is with the self.  It is this myth about service to others that has lead us astray, and has been used to perpetuate beliefs that ‘if I think’ about others before myself I will be on the right path of goodness.  The setback with this belief is the service is usually mixed with guilt and fear, and an ego running on these emotions operates on memories.
In order to understand the role of the ego in your life, you must first understand its purpose. The ego is the human consciousness part of you.  It was designed to ensure your security and survival.  Unfortunately for many of us it has never relinquished its initial purpose.  Instead, for many the ego became the master script writer and because of it, everything becomes a drama based on past happenings.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Forgiveness and Your Imagination

Everyone and every experience comes into your life comes through your invitation.  You are not at the mercy of outside forces and circumstances.  We live in a universe of vibration and through your thoughts and emotions you draw to yourself events, people and circumstances.  It is all an inside job which is why forgiveness is not about the other person; it is about you.
Most people do not want to accept that they create their own reality.  Instead they would prefer to believe that lousy experiences and people are random happenings. It has nothing to do with your thinking.  Yet somewhere at some time, you offered the thought and as the old saying says, “careful what you ask for because it has a way of coming back to you.”

Sunday, January 12, 2014

A Simple Shift Brings a New State of Being

We all do it.  We allow the circumstances of life to influence our state of being.  Something happens at work or in our home life, and our mind launches into a diatribe of monstrous proportions.  It doesn’t matter if it was yesterday or last week or ten years ago.  That one little bugaboo becomes our focus and colours everything in our life. We never realize that our ranting keeps us locked into a state of being that is not and will never serve us. 
All states of being exist.  There are states of being such as:  health, sickness, anger, happiness, wealth, poverty, etc.  They are like radio stations in the ethers and just as you can change stations on your stereo, you can move out of one state of being and into another.  Through our thinking and emotions, we attune to a particular frequency, and it becomes the dominant vibration in our life.  It is the vibration which attracts circumstances, situations and people into our life.