Monday, April 29, 2013

Imagination Techniques

Ride the Wave
Watercolour by Beverly Blanchard
We live in a society where we have been taught that if you have a problem you must take some form of action to overcome it.  The problem is the more action you take, the more the problem sticks to you like glue and the more energy you waste.  This is where your imagination can help because sometimes you need a different mind to solve a problem or overcome a limitation.  Since everything is created through imagination why not tap into this infinite power.

One of the first things you need to do to access your imagination is get yourself into a relaxed state.  You can do this through focusing on your breathing.  Take a few long slow deep breaths and relax your body.  You can close

Sunday, April 28, 2013

The Power Is in Your Imagination

Watercolour by Beverly Blanchard
Everything and all experiences have their starting point in imagination.  The computer you are staring at was at one point an image in someone’s mind.  The building you are sitting in was first created in someone’s imagination.  The contract you just wrote for your client began in your imagination.  The fight you had with your boss or partner, you created it in your imagination.  The activities of the imagination are what drive our world.  As Albert Einstein said, “Imagination is more important than knowledge.”  
Also called the faculty of imagining, imagination is our ability to form new pictures and sensations that are not perceived through the physical senses of: sight, hearing, taste, feeling or touch.  The word imagination comes from the Latin word ‘imaginari,’ which means ‘to picture oneself’ and depending on how you use it, your imagination can either empower or hinder you because your imagination creates your reality.
Regrettably many of us have been directed away from consciously using our imagination.  We have been told that imagination is nothing more than fantasy and has no place in our real world.  We have been taught that imagination is only for those in the creative fields or children.  Yet, your imagination is always

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Law of Abundance

Watercolour by Beverly Blanchard
The Law of Abundance basically states that all our needs will always be met.  Everything always works in such a way that every need in the Universe is supplied when it is needed.

Unfortunately, throughout the course of history, there have always been those who have sounded the trumpet on mankind’s imminent demise.  They talked of a limited amount of resources on Mother Earth.  They talked of poverty, destitution and death. We live in world where we are continually being told there is not enough to go around. 

On a global level, many of our politicians, economists, media and environmentalists would have us believe that we live on a planet of scarcity.  The illusion of scarcity in our society is further enhanced by the manmade boundaries that we have established to make nations and countries.  We have also promoted our illusion of scarcity through our economic models.  These models are purely based on fear and greed. 

Our universe is built on the premise of expansion.  Mother Earth has an infinite amount of resources and when we identify the need for new resources we will always be supplied.  History has always proved this.  For instance, during the 1800s there was a dependency upon whale oil and it was predicted that the whale supply would run out and mankind would be doomed.  It was at this point that mankind created the automobile, locomotion, etc. and fossil fuels were discovered to meet the needs of this new technology.  Instead of oil burning lamps, man discovered electricity.  Mankind has always discovered new technologies when he needed them.  There have always been the discoveries of new plant species and resources.  As we move forward into the future, alternative sources of energy will be found to replace the dependency on fossil fuels or new sources of fossil fuels will be discovered. 

On a personal level, many of us have been raised with the notion that our abundance is equal to the amount of money we have in the bank or the number of things that we own.  These are aspects of our abundance, however; our abundance encompasses much more.  It includes your health, talents, family, friends, etc.  Your abundance is inexhaustible and is only limited by your imagination. 

Exercises you may want to try:

1.  When you find yourself in a situation where you are bemoaning all the lack in your life, stop and create an abundance list.  Do you have your health?  You have abundance.  Do you have a roof over your head?  You have abundance.  Do you have a loving spouse/partner?  You have abundance.  Do you have food in the refrigerator?  You have abundance.

2.  If you think you are experiencing shortages, think again.  The Universe may be trying to supply you with what you need but you may be turning down the gifts.  Ask yourself:  Where in my life am I resisting?  Where am I saying no?   What would I do if I had no fear? no shame?

3.  Manufactured fear or true fear.  Scarcity thinking is very much based on manufactured fear which has its roots in the fear-based concept, “I will not get my share.”  In addition, it is usually strengthened through worry about possible scenarios in an imaginary future situation filled with doom and gloom.  True fear on the other hand is our body’s warning mechanism.  It is the fight or flight mechanism which is used more survival.  Unfortunately most people in society are operating on the manufactured fear model.  Throughout your day take the time to ask yourself:  Is this situation real or am I manufacturing fear?  If you are manufacturing fear, you are wasting precious energy.  
Here is a youtube of author Peter Diamandis talking about how abundance is our future.


Saturday, April 20, 2013

The Words You Use Matter

In the old fairy tales we read as children, the wizard was always conjuring.  Usually they would recite incantations in which they would often use the words:  Hocus Pocus, Abracadabra and Alakazam.  We were never taught the meaning of these words.  As children, most of us liked the magical emphasis they gave to the story.  Yet, there was a powerful message in these words and here it is: “With my words I create.”
All words have a vibration and it is the feelings we attach to the word that assists us in the creation of our reality.  For most of us, we are never really aware of the power that words have in our lives.  Instead we use our words haphazardly and casually toss them around never understanding that words do indeed have power.  Sometimes the only time we recognize the power of words is when we are on the receiving end of a callous word.
On a personal level, the two most powerful words in the English language are:  “I am.”  No one else can say, “I am” for you.  No one can describe you using the words “I am.”  It is only you that can use these words.  Yet, very few of us are even aware of what words we attach to them.  In some cases, we have become our own bullies as we look in the mirror and tell ourselves, “I am ugly.”  “I am worthless.”  “I am a screw-up.”  “I am poor.” 
The words “I am” can be liken to the soil of Mother Earth.  The words you attach to “I am” are like the seeds you sow in Mother Earth.  You have the option of planting seeds that are going to produce flowers or weeds.  Each will grow in the soil, however the one you cultivate will be the one that dominants your garden.  Do you want weeds or flowers?
Speak of yourself in the positive.  Accentuate that which is positive about you.  Eliminate the negative.  Refrain from criticizing yourself.   You are a divine magnificent expression of Source Energy in action and your garden should be one of flowers.
Here is Paul McCartney doing an old Johnny Mercer song called Accentuate the Positive....

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Law of Projection

The Opening
Watercolour by Beverly Blanchard
All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women are merely players; they have their exits and entrances, and one man in his time plays many parts. – Shakespeare

We like to think that we are all living in the same world but we are not.  There are as many worlds as there are minds, because every mind lives within their own world.  Simply put the Law of Projection states that everything you see outside of yourself is but a projection created by you.  In other words, you have written the script and you are the camera, director, projector and audience.  Through your script, all the characters and actors are all showing up by invitation. 

Most people do not realize that what is happening in their lives is a direct result of their perception, beliefs, expectations and thinking.  Once again, they would prefer to blame the problems in their lives or the world on outer circumstances.  It is your thinking that is creating your reality.  You decide what you will see before you see it.  Is your movie an academy performance?  Or is it a horror flick?  If you do not like the movie you have chosen, perhaps it is time to change the script, call central casting and request new actors.

All outward appearances of your world begin with your inward conditions.  Your state of mind creates your perception of what you will see in your world and projects it out into your reality.    Everything in this world is filtered through the eye of the beholder.  If you see the world as happy it is because internally that is what is inside you.  If you see the world filled with hostile people it is because internally that is what is inside you.  Whatever it is you are feeling is projected on your screen of reality.

In many cases, if our movie is focused on the negative, it is usually because there is something that we do not want to admit is inside ourselves.  Instead what we often do is rant about the person or situation.  They are this and they are that so that we never really have to deal with our own deep-seated feelings, perceptions and beliefs.  We do this because it keeps us safe, and in identifying what we do not like in someone else we somehow feel better about ourselves.  We also do this because we use our past situations and events to define our future.

I ran into a young woman the other day who was telling me she was going back to school in the fall.  She was quite excited about it until she started telling me about the problems she expected to encounter with the other students.  She figured that unlike her, most of students were not going to be there because they wanted to learn.  Most of them would have their parents paying their way and would probably spend their time talking in class and being disruptive.  She was going there to learn and if any disruptions happened she was going to put them in their place.  I tried to interject in her tirade with a casual comment that perhaps she should go in with an open mind and maybe she would find other students who were also interested in learning.  My interjection was met with another rant about how she was being realistic, and she knew how things were going to be.  Here it was April and she had already projected problems for a class that was not starting until September.  She had already decided that she would encounter problems with the other students based on her past experiences.  Her past was defining her future, and she was now setting out to validate her chosen reality.  Perhaps on another level, she was simply projecting her own disinterest in school.

Everything in this world is a projection by you.  Our movies can be based on a past picture which we keep running in our head or we can change the script and approach each day with no preconceived notions.  You have a choice to create a movie that sees a friendly world or a hostile world.  The reality is both of them are there and neither of them is there.  It is up to you to choose which movie your want on your screen?
Here are some exercises you may want to try:
1.  Remove the movie marquee.  Make it a habit of starting everyday without any preconceived scenarios.  Life is not a series of dress rehearsals rehashing the same script.  Act like you are on stage for the first time and experience everything as though it was happening for the first time.
2.  Get into the habit of using visualizations to match your affirmations.  Spend a few minutes each day mentally reviewing your life as if your dreams have already come true.
3.  Much of what we are projecting into this world is based on our own judgments.  Next time you are seeing something in someone else that you do not like ask yourself the following questions:  Does what I see in others really belong to me?  Is my vision clear or clouded by what I want to see?
If you would like to understand this law better check out this youtube by Hans Wilhelm on the Law of Projection.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

The Law of Reflection

Ruderhead Point, Lake Superior
If there is anything we could change in a child, we should first examine and see whether it is not something that could be better changed in ourselves. – Carl Jung

The Law of Reflection deals with the fact that everything you see is only a mirror reflection of that which is within you.  This is one of the hardest laws for people to understand and accept because we like to think that it is outside people or circumstances that are causing us to be happy or angry.  Since everything is vibration it is you who is attracting these external situations to you.  Hence, that individual who irritates you has come into your life because that is an active vibration within you.  That irritable person is mirroring that which exists within you. 

 Under the Law of Reflection you cannot place the blame on any external person, situation or circumstance.  You simply cannot say that someone makes you angry or irritated if you are not already angry and irritated within yourself.  It is not the other person who is making you angry.  It is you who is making yourself angry and majority of the time it is because you are trying to change, control or manipulate a person or situation.  In reality, you cannot change the outer until you deal with the inner.

When working with the Law of Reflection, it is important to understand that sometimes the mirror may not be a direct reflection of what is within you.  It may be a reflection of your polar opposite.  Such is the case where you are overly kind and through your kindness, you are continually attract people and situations that take advantage of your kindness.  You may be attracting these people into your life so that you can see where your kindness is being motivated by your own guilt or the need to get people to like you.  Being kind in all situations and circumstances is not always an honorable trait for sometimes we are forgetting to value and appreciate ourselves.

Another analogy can be seen if you are upset with people begging for money on street corners.  You may be angry because these individuals are representing some part of yourself that is begging for something in your life.  You may be begging for recognition from your boss.  Perhaps, you are begging for love from your spouse.  As a politician, you may be begging for votes from the electorate. 

Everyone and every circumstance or situation in your life is providing you with the opportunity to learn something about yourself.  It may be a reflection showing some of your more positive traits or it may be showing you where you need to make some changes.  If it is showing you a negative quality, you will know you have balanced that trait when you no longer have any irritations with regards to the person or situation.  Sometimes when this happens the person will disappear from your life.  They will no longer be a vibrational match to you.

So, next time you find you are angry or irritated with someone or a circumstance stop and ask yourself:  What state of being is this person reflecting about me?  Where in my own life am I exhibiting this behavior?  What is it that I do not want to reveal about myself to myself?


Saturday, April 13, 2013

Navigating Through Contrast

The Joy is in the Journey
Watercolour by Beverly Blanchard
If you wish to understand the universe, think of energy, frequency and vibration. - Nikola Tesla
There is nothing worst then when you are stuck in a funk and someone comes along and says, ‘You create own reality.’  It is not something you really want to hear.  You want someone to listen to your problems, to sympathize with you and tell you it is all going to be alright.  Yet that type of conversation doesn’t really serve you and in many cases, keeps the negative vibration active.  The more you talk about the problem, the more you attract similar vibrations and the further you get from the solution.
We are all born with an internal guidance system.  Similar to a GPS, it is a system that helps us navigate through our ever changing world.  Unfortunately it is a navigation system we rarely understand or utilize. 
Within each of us there is an inner being, soul, source energy or core energy.  Call it what you like, the name is not really important.  What is important is the fact that this is your guidance system.  It tells you whether what you are thinking or feeling is aligned with your inner being. When you are aligned with your inner being, you feel good.  When you are ornery or complaining, you are not aligned with your inner being.  Now this is not necessarily a bad thing.  All it means is that you are exploring contrast and determining what it is you want.   Without knowing what it is you don’t want, how can you turn in the direction of what it is you do want?
The dilemma for most of us is that we end up stuck in the negative thinking and emotions.  Somewhere we have been conditioned to think that the more we complain or worry about a situation, the closer we will come to a solution. We are told to talk about what is and told that talking about what we want is fantasy thinking. In reality however our focus on what we don’t want ends up splitting our energy.
The reason for this is once we have identified what we want our inner being moves to the solution.  Synchronistic encounters, serendipity and other cooperative situations begin to line up for us.  But, if we are over here beating the drum of what we don’t want and feeling lousy we don’t meet up with the opportunities.
Instead we end splitting our energy.  Our inner being is over there enjoying what we want, and we are over here complaining and feeling lousy.  Since the negative emotion becomes the dominant vibration you get more of what it is you don’t want and you hold yourself away from the solution.  When this happens most of us get into the blame game.
So how do you work with your emotional guidance system?
It is important to recognize that your inner being will never join you in a pity party.  Your friends may join you but your inner being won’t.  The focus of your inner being is on expansion and love.
One of the first things you can do is become aware of what your emotions are telling you.  If you have strong negative emotion it is an indicator that you’re thinking thoughts which are not in alignment with your inner being.  So ask yourself, ‘what thoughts am I thinking?’  Once you identify the dominant thinking pattern ask yourself, ‘what thoughts could I think that will make me feel better?’   Make it a game and start looking for an addiction to a better feeling thought.
Let yourself off the hook.  We live in a vibrational universe and what happened yesterday stays in yesterday.  You can’t change yesterday but you have this moment to move yourself up the emotional vibrational scale.  You have the choice between miserable and happy.  Look for something in your life that will bring you to happiness.
Use the mantra:  Circumstances don’t matter, only my state of being matters.  What state of being do I want to feel right now?


Thursday, April 4, 2013

Contrast Makes the World Go Around

You can look at contrast like the channels on your television set.  There is a wide selection of programs that you can watch.  You watch something new.  You can watch only the programs you like.  You can watch those programs you loath.  You can flip to other shows during the commercial breaks.  You can mute it.  You can turn off the television.  You can leave the room.  You are the controller of what you watch and don’t watch.

Unfortunately with life, many of us do not see ourselves of being the holder of the remote control.  Often in the middle of a bad situation we neglect to realize we have options.  Instead we see ourselves as stuck with whatever program is playing out in our life and our only alternative is to complain about it.  So we rant about it.  We tell everyone we know about it.  The problem is the more you talk about that one bugaboo in your life; the more you set yourself up for similar situations.  It becomes your vibrational rendezvous point.

Recently a client called who was experiencing a problem at work.  She ranted on about the issue and was slightly perturbed when I suggested she think about something else.  I had given her the suggestion of thinking about how it would feel to be enjoying an afternoon on an outdoor terrace in Tuscany... wonderful sunshine, nice glass of red wine, plate of antipasto, good friends, laughter...She angrily retorted back, “I have to face reality!”  To which I replied, “Yes and you have a choice in the reality you want to face.  The reality you are facing right now is making you extremely angry and you are going to end up with more angry situations.  Change the channel and think about something that is going to give you a better feeling thought.  Think about all the things that are going right in your life.” 

So if your life has brought you a situation that is giving you some negative contrast here is what you can do:

1.         Change the channel in your mind.  Go back through your memory banks and find a thought or a situation that makes you feel good.  Focus on it.  Build it up in your imagination.  Your imagination is a powerful tool; use it to your advantage.
2.         Get off the subject.  The more you talk or think about it the more you lock into that vibration.  Life is like a variety show.  There may be one thing in your life that is going wrong but there are usually other things that are going right.  Focus on what is going right.

3.         Contrast lets you know what it is you don’t want.  Turn in the direction of what it is you do want.  Talk about what it is you want because talking about what it is you don’t want will only bring you more of what you don’t want.
4.         You can recognize as Bill Hicks says in the following video says, "It's Just A Ride."

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The Law of Duality

Dancing Dolphins
Colored Pencil Sketch by Beverly Blanchard
One wanders to the left, another to the right. Both are equally in error, but, are seduced by different delusions. -- Horace

The Law of Duality basically states that everything is on a continuum and has a complementary opposite within the whole.  To use an old adage, there may be two sides of a coin but there is only one coin. In other words, things that appear as opposites are in fact only two extremes of the same thing. For instance, heat and cold may appear to be opposites at first glance, but in truth they are simply varying degrees of the same thing.

On the physical level the law of duality is easy to understand.  We can make comparisons with physical eye.  For instance, there is life and death, day and night, short and tall, masculine and feminine, near and far, and so forth.  

What becomes problematic with the Law of Duality is when we start thinking that one aspect of the spectrum is better than the other aspect of spectrum. We get into labeling things as right or wrong.  Unlike mankind’s laws and morals, there is no right or wrong.  For example, in America they drive on the right side of the road.  In England they drive on the left side of the road.  Who is right and who is wrong?  Similarly there are no good or bad experiences.  Experiences are just experiences nothing more, nothing less.  What one learns from the experience is all that counts.  We have all had experiences that initially proved unpleasant but they became the greatest thing that happened to us.

Seeing things from only one perspective is a trap that keeps you locked into one aspect of a condition.   In every situation in life, under the Law of Duality you are simply seeking to balance the duality.  It is not about operating in either extreme.  It is about keeping to the middle path.  One does not however deny the moment.  To learn how live the moment all one needs to do is watch a child’s behaviour.  They get angry with someone and in the next moment they forget it.  They move on.  No stress.

Currently there are many who like to label the darkness as evil.  There is not a source of evil.  In this universe, there is only a source of love. There is however negative thought forms as every thought that has ever been thought is still in existence.  If you attune to these thought forms then you are attuning to that which is not Source Energy. 

It is also important to understand that in order to be for something; you must be against something.  For and against still indicates you are operating on the same continuum.  It is the reason most of our War Against (drugs, cancer, poverty, homelessness, etc.) campaigns do not work.  What we are essentially doing is focusing our energies on that which we do not want and in doing so we neglect to define what it is we do want.  As Einstein said, ‘you cannot solve a problem with the same mind that created it.’  

When working with this law you may find that when attempting to balance the duality you will end up attracting the opposite of what you want.  For the moment you call in that which you are seeking to balance, everything in its opposite will come tumbling into your life.  If you are seeking more clarity, confusion will seem to reign supreme.  Nothing will seem to be clear anymore, and you will wonder why you ever started on this journey.  Yet, if you continue to work on changing your thinking and your belief patterns you will reach the balance point.  This is what the Law of Duality is all about.  It is about reaching a balance point.  It is not about operating at either extreme.  It is about remaining at your centre even when the hurricane of life is swirling around you.

In the next post I will discuss how to deal with contrast.