Sunday, September 9, 2018

Breaking out of the Matrix 101

There is a battle going on.  It is not a battle in some distant country, although, those do exist more then we care to discuss.  This war is for your mind and your consciousness.  It involves the use of words, frequency, conditioning, imprinting and programming.  It goes on every day and your antagonist has one intent-- to suck you deeper into the matrix, into a dimension with a dismal ending.

Now more than ever it’s time to think for yourself.  Time to recognize the power you have within and stop allowing outsides sources to dictate your security and happiness.  Step out of the illusion otherwise you remain a somnambulist locked in a life of robotic routines subject to the whims of the day until that fateful day you slide into the grave.  Unfortunately, what many people do not understand is that only the physical part of you that slides into that grave; your consciousness is the one that continues on and the mind has a significant influence on where your consciousness lands in the next world.

It has been said down through the ages that there are many worlds and Illusions abound.  They are all around us and have been for eons.  The ancients have also spoken about a time when the societal institutions built on fear would start to crumble.  As with anything built on faulty foundations there would be a time when the world would become aware of their nefarious activities.  If you look around that time is now.  Societal institutions are contaminated and are crumbling.

So, what are you going to do?  Remain asleep and drift along fulfilling society’s prescribed path in your quest for happiness?  Or maybe you have decided that you are in this world to be miserable.  It is your lot in life and you have undertaken that mission to ensure you spread your hatred.  Perhaps you are drifting along feeding all those hungry ghosts telling you: ‘buy me, acquire me and you will be happy’.  If, however you are rousing from your sleep and thinking something is majorly wrong with this world you might want to read on.

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

The Law of Unconditional Love

It's a waste of energy to be angry with a man who behaves badly, just as it is to be angry with a car that won't go. – Bertrand Russell

Unfortunately in our world, the word love has gone astray from its original meaning.  Instead it is a word that now comes with strings, bondage and dependency.  A word that is cloaked with clever phrases that are only masks for our own fear, doubt and hate.   I will love you if… if you loved me you would…I love my…I just love ice cream.  Through our society’s programming and conditioning we are lead to believe that love is associated with inanimate objects and nothing to do with action.  We are taught the opposite of love is hate.  Through political correctness we are guided to think that in order to demonstrate love, we must all agree and have the same opinion.   Unfortunately by following this prescribed path, we miss the mark and we get trapped in the world of duality.

Love is not the opposite of hate.  Love has no opposite.  It has no conditions.  It is not part of the duality.  Pure love just is.  This law teaches us to recognize that ours and everyone else’s essence is basically good or of the love vibration however buried within the person that may be.  Now I know that sometimes it is extremely difficult to see someone’s inner light when it is the size of a pea and their behaviors reflects that of pure evil.  What is essential to understand is that the behavior is almost always a fa├žade for the person’s lack of self esteem or fear-based thinking.  Many are shunted in their emotional and mental growth and are locked into behaviors that based on fear, doubt and hate.

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Navigating the Duality of the World

You have to monitor the thinker of the thoughts.

Now I get it that there are a lot things happening in our global world.  There are financial bubbles about to burst.  Our world leaders both political and corporate are not exactly from the love team and they participate in a lot of dirty dealings.   Celebrities believe they can teach us about virtuous behavior.  The media have become repeaters.  Political correctness has shut down dialogue.  With the push of the technology sector into the internet of all things, robots, transhumanism and Artificial Intelligence (AI) our freedom is on the verge of extinction.  The blockchain is going to change our life and spirituality is an assortment of conflicting beliefs where you are left wondering if this is all one sort of computer simulation gone mad.   To top things off, there are a lot of stupid people in this world.  I get all of it and more.  The point is if you allow yourself to get sucked into letting that part of play drag you down you are allowing yourself to be sucked into their negativity.

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

The One-Minute Technique to Change your State of Being

We sometimes forget the simple and get caught up in the dramatic.
For those that know the face that I give out to the world, I live a charmed life.  My public face has always been one of a happy and positive person who never has any problems.  I am friendly and nice.  I help where I can.  Those that are acquainted with me know I have surmounted many challenges and when the challenges have come they hit on a variety of levels at the same time.  At points, my friends would wonder how much more I could withstand for it looked like I was trying to cross the Atlantic in a rowboat and I had hit another storm of epic proportions. Yet the sun would come out for me and I would persevere in my journey.

Sunday, January 7, 2018

The Two Minute Rule for Using Your Imagination

Your words have the power to open doors or slam them shut.
Let’s face it we all like wallowing in our negative stories and emotions.  Most of the time, we run past scenarios of times when we were angry, upset, pissed off and annoyed.  We extrapolate these emotions onto imaginary scenarios of ‘what ifs’ and telling not only everyone who will listen but we unconsciously tell ourselves.  The emotional story is replayed over and over in our mind with what we could have said, done or felt.  The more we replay it; the more we build up negative emotions within ourselves.  The subject doesn’t matter; the pattern is the same.  In an unconscious state of being we don’t realize that words carry a vibration.