Monday, April 13, 2020

Where is Love?

I, like most humans on this Planet Earth are told that we are under lockdown, house arrest for our protection.  It is being done to protect us from the deadly virus.  I have to admit, in some ways staying home is pretty easy for me.  I have lived alone for 35 years and for most of those years, I have worked alone out of my home.  Being alone is easy for me.  I like my own company and being alone I have been granted the opportunity to study a variety of subjects.  I do periodically however love being around people.  I love giving and receiving love.  I love hugs.  I love the human touch.  I love conversations over food.  Now with this current pandemic, and rules of social distancing I am forced to change my ways.

Let me back up a bit.  Years ago, I realized that if I did not make time to go out for a walk in the afternoon, I would miss out on people.  So, living in downtown Ottawa, Canada, I decided that every day at a particular hour I would go for a walk to the river.   The walk would bring me through the city centre and down along the river below Canada’s Parliament buildings.  I realized a long time ago a smile always opened doors to conversations.  Since, I have a happy disposition and I talk to everyone, I have met a lot of people.   They are my community.

Friday, April 3, 2020

Time for poetry...The Root of All Evil

The Root of All Evil

The root of all evil is not money.
It is not anger.
Nor is it greed.
The root of all evil has a far greater seed.
It is the manufactured fear which has led us to believe,
safety and security have now taken leave.
Living in fear is how life must be.

Magnified, manipulated, and used to control
by forces who aren’t working for the good of the whole.
Insidious creatures that lurk through the night,
greatly afraid of the loving light,
as it will melt the illusion that might is right.

They rule by fear,
with elaborate smoke and mirrors,
and take great cheer
in saying, ‘Love isn’t here.
Here, there is just fear!’

Oh, the unaware they do think it’s so,
and do fall prey to more government controls.
For the creatures that rule the night,
enjoy making fear their only plight.
For within the darkness fear can grab hold,
and play with the minds of men we’ve been told.

A tangled web of deceit,
synthetic lies which are really cheap,
done in an attempt to hide the truth really deep.
But no matter what they do.
The truth will always ring true.
For the root of all this evil is absolutely clear.
It is built upon the fallacy,
that on Mother Earth we must live in fear.

Copyright:  Beverly Blanchard 2013