Sunday, July 28, 2013

The Awakening

Throughout history there have been numerous prophecies and theories put forth about the awakening of humanity.  In this current age of information, the concept of awakening has spawned a variety of differing opinions and industries.  It can all become rather confusing as everyone offers different definitions of what the awakening means.

There are some who believe that the notion of awakening deals primarily with the world of economics and politics.  We have been told by some, that humanity will now awaken to the corruption of the world and realize we have been enslaved.  Many in this group push for revolutions to change the world.   The problem with this view is the pendulum swings from one side to the other and nothing really changes.

According to others, the current astrological alignment in the stars and the end of the Mayan calendar has foreshadowed the new age of consciousness. We are told that humanity is moving into the age of love and we have shifted to a new vibrational frequency.  This shift will save Planet Earth and we will all live in peace, love and harmony.  In other words, heaven would now be found on earth.

Monday, July 22, 2013

The Law of Karma

“How people treat you is their Karma; how you react is yours.” –- Wayne Dyer

Here is one of the Universal Laws which is totally misunderstood. When most people think of karma they think of payback, revenge and retribution.  We even have slogans that tells us: “Karma is a bitch.”  The implied assumption of the phrase is that it is about someone else’s behaviour.  In today’s world, we use the word karma to relinquish our responsibility for our own vibration. So what exactly is the Law of Karma?
Also known as the Law of Identical Harvest, it is the reaping of the seeds you have sown.  These seeds can either be associated with negative or positive experiences in your life.  Karma is not necessarily about behaviour, it more about vibration.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Power of Suggestion

Every day we are bombarded by a tidal wave of information.  Most of it is irrelevant to our immediate lives, yet it influences our lives.  We buy products because we are told they will bring us happiness; make us look younger or healthier.  We run to our doctors because commercials suggest that we may have a particular illness, and if we get the latest pill we will be healed.  We blog, post to our Facebook accounts and continually talk about issues the media has presented as important.

We never seem to realize that we are allowing someone else to mold our minds and direct our thinking.  We also never question the validity of the information we are consuming and if you happen to have a memory you can become totally confused listening to the experts.  On day we are told something is good for us and the next day it we are told it is detrimental to our health and well-being.  One day we are told the economy is on the mend and the next it is nose diving.

The Dark Days Aren’t Forever

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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Consciously Using Your Imagination

Come Play
Your imagination is functioning 24/7.  Everything that happens to you comes to you because of what you planted in your imagination.  Your role in working with your imagination consciously is to appropriate the desired state of the wish fulfilled.  To appropriate the state of being you desire, you must play with the image you desire on a continual basis and walk in the assumption that the wish is fulfilled.  No one needs to know what you are doing.  Everything is done within your mind. 

Take for example...suppose you have a problem at work with your boss.  Every morning you wake up and before you have even had your first cup of coffee you begin the drama with your boss within your mind.  He says this and you say that.  You haven’t even made it to work yet and the whole monologue is being played out within your mind.  Through your own negative inner dialogue you have laid the framework for your day and since everything is vibration, your boss will now be obliged to honour the vibrational frequency you are emitting.    If you want to change the situation, you will need to feed your imagination a new dialogue and create within your mind a life like representation of the type of relationship you want.  What would the feeling be like if your boss and you got along?  What would your boss be saying to you?  How do you want the relationship to be?

Now here is where people have problems with using their imagination to shift their reality.  Instead of sticking to the new story of how they want things to be, they revert back to the old story.  There are numerous reasons why we do this.  Sometimes we just like the drama.  Other times we are unconscious of the dramas being played out in our heads because they have become habits of the minds. Whatever our reason is, unless we change the pattern and remain vigilant to the new story not much will change in our life.

The second challenge people have when working consciously with their imagination deals with how they create their movie in their mind’s eye.  Many people can visualize what they want but they neglect to occupy the sensations of the movie.  Instead they become the observer of the movie.  In other words, they have projected the movie on their internal screen and are viewing themselves in the role.  In order for your imagination to work for you it is necessary to become the actor in the movie you are creating. 

So how do you become the actor?  You must step into the movie.  Think about it this way.  If you were talking to someone right now, you would only be able to see parts of yourself.  You may be able to see your hands or arms but you would not see your face or head.  The same principle holds true when you are working with your imagination because in order for you to capture the mood and sensations, you have to be a part of the movie.

Here are some very simple exercises to expand your imagination experiences. 

  • In your mind’s eye, visualize a lemon.  Now I want you to place it on a cutting board and imagine you are slicing it with a knife.  Take a piece that you have sliced and place it in your mouth and suck on it. What most likely happened when you put the lemon in your mouth is your physical body reacted to an imaginary lemon. 
  • In your mind’s eye, visualize a basketball.  Now I want you to dribble that ball with your right hand.  Now with your left.  Add the sounds you would hear of a basketball bouncing on the ground.
  • In your mind’s eye visualize a rose.  Smell that rose.  Feel the petals.
Adding the spiritual sensations to the virtual movies in your mind assists you in shifting your reality and manifesting what you desire. Here Neville Goddard discusses how imagination works.