Saturday, June 3, 2017

The Screen of the Mind

When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves.-Viktor Frankl

With all the techniques that I have learned over the years, there are still experiences that throw me off balance.  These are the times when I fall into the sleep of the illusion.  I allow the pendulum of duality to swing to the negative and permit my thoughts to start snowballing about the injustices and stupidities of life and the world.  I lose control of my imagination and ultimately my state of being.  I engage in a monologue with an imaginary scenario playing out a drama on the stage of my mind.  All the time I am forgetting that I have the power to change the story. 

Instead, I cruise along thinking I have control of the situation by playing out this imaginary play in my mind.  It’s a horrid little drama filled with worst case scenarios, unsavoury characters and the dominant underlying emotions are fear, anger and worry.  The worst part of this is that when I catch myself I know I am using my imagination to create more of that which I say I do not want.  Yet, somehow I remain unconscious and fall back into old patterns of reiteration.  I forget about the power of now. I lose the gratitude of the moment and get lost in past happenings, old moments influencing the present, clouding my judgement and projecting a future filled with a drama I do not want.