Tuesday, January 9, 2018

The One-Minute Technique to Change your State of Being

We sometimes forget the simple and get caught up in the dramatic.
For those that know the face that I give out to the world, I live a charmed life.  My public face has always been one of a happy and positive person who never has any problems.  I am friendly and nice.  I help where I can.  Those that are acquainted with me know I have surmounted many challenges and when the challenges have come they hit on a variety of levels at the same time.  At points, my friends would wonder how much more I could withstand for it looked like I was trying to cross the Atlantic in a rowboat and I had hit another storm of epic proportions. Yet the sun would come out for me and I would persevere in my journey.

Sunday, January 7, 2018

The Two Minute Rule for Using Your Imagination

Your words have the power to open doors or slam them shut.
Let’s face it we all like wallowing in our negative stories and emotions.  Most of the time, we run past scenarios of times when we were angry, upset, pissed off and annoyed.  We extrapolate these emotions onto imaginary scenarios of ‘what ifs’ and telling not only everyone who will listen but we unconsciously tell ourselves.  The emotional story is replayed over and over in our mind with what we could have said, done or felt.  The more we replay it; the more we build up negative emotions within ourselves.  The subject doesn’t matter; the pattern is the same.  In an unconscious state of being we don’t realize that words carry a vibration.