Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Mind Pollution and Fear Porn

Marketers love the new and improved formula for pitching products.  Make a few product changes, repackage the outside, slap new and improved on the package, and consumers will buy it at a higher price thinking it is a better product.  Likewise, the propaganda machines use these and other psychological techniques to market the latest threat to humanity as information you need for your personal survival on this Planet Earth.  Of course, it is filled with the worst, of the worst-case scenarios and the possible outcomes always circle around death.  We quiver with the word.  Just as information can be used for good; it can also be used for dubious means such as shifting the world’s thinking down a dangerous road.

The bombardment of this information on the human psyche becomes the biggest threat to us.  This mind pollution permeates every moment of our existence and it is fueled by fear through its distortions of the truth.  It is mind pollution seeded by the fear virus.  Everything is meticulously scripted and all the actors show up to play their parts.  Celebrities, journalists, politicians, the common person and the exhaustive list of experts play across the screens of our mind and dump insidious subplots into our lives.