Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The Law of Prosperity

And the evil wish is most evil to the wisher. -- Hesiod

The Law of Prosperity states that when one prospers, all prosper.  Your level of prosperity will be in direct proportion to your responses about another person’s prosperity.  Most people do not understand that if you are secretly taking private pleasure in another person’s misfortune or begrudging another person’s prosperity, you are affecting your own possibilities of generating prosperity.  Everything works on vibration. The feelings of jealousy and resentment you harbor about another’s well-being will keep you locked into a lower vibrational frequency of lack.  Smile upon someone else’s success and good fortune, and you are smiling upon your own.  For example, your friend gets a major job promotion and has now increased their income into the six figures.  They call you, and excitedly tell you all about it.  You are so happy for them that you are bursting at the seams with joy.  Your joy in this other person’s success means that you will also prosper because there is a vibrational match.

The opposite happens when you are upset or envious about someone else’s prosperity.  In your resentment you create a vibrational mismatch and you will diminish your prosperity.  Let us go back

Monday, August 19, 2013

Aligned with Source Energy or Not - It's Your Choice

Bald Eagle
Charcoal Sketch by Beverly Blanchard
This is an excerpt from my unpublished manuscript entitled, Is this Happiness?  Alexis has just asked her Spirit Guide Bald Eagle about the dark beings she saw earlier in the day at work.
 “I know you find this hard to believe, but, there are lots of different beings operating in your world.  When you begin to recognize that there is more than what you see, feel and hear with your physical apparatus you open yourself to new dimensions and worlds.  You will begin to see things which may lead to you questioning your sanity,” he said.

She nervously gave off a laugh and added, “Question my sanity?  I was beginning to think that perhaps I should check myself in for psychiatric testing.”

Bald Eagle roared, “Alexis, sometimes you are so melodramatic.  Let us continue because this subject can get really confusing for you humans.  There is no such thing as evil.  There is no right and wrong.  There is only energy that is aligned with Source Energy and that which is not.  Energy that is aligned with Source vibrates at a higher frequency.  Energy that vibrates at a lower frequency and that what you as humans consider evil is that which is unaligned with Source Energy.  There are varying degrees of vibration; however they are still part of the whole.  There is no separation.  In other words, they are two sides of the same coin.  The darkness and the light cannot be separated.  In some cases the darkness is part of your experience to reflect back your vibration.  It tells you what is going on inside of you.  Sometimes the darkness is there to provide you with contrast because without contrast you would not be able to expand.  Your only purpose in this earth walk is to evolve and to do this one must align with Source Energy.  The dark beings and gargoyles you saw this afternoon are of a lower vibration and as such are not of loving intent. You must understand

Monday, August 12, 2013

Law of Reincarnation and a Preview of the Afterworld

Watercolour by Beverly Blanchard
Death is but the commencement of a new life. – Chuang Tze

Also known as the Law of Death and Rebirth, the Law of Reincarnation simply states that your purpose is to purify yourself from “negative” attributes.  To do this you go through various experiences and you stay in the experience until you shift the state of being. Experiences or states of being are repeated until you learn the lesson.  Reincarnation is about evolving up the spiral and movement toward union with Source Energy.  
With the exception of the Romans, most cultures and religions around the world have had some doctrine regarding reincarnation.  Some have associated it with karmic retribution meaning you squandered your wealth in one life therefore in this life you are poor.  Others have taught that if one is not careful in this life, then there is a possibility of returning as an ant.  Still others have created the heaven and hell dichotomy which has some truth associated to it but not in the context most of us have been taught.
One of the most interesting ancient teachings is that of the Druids which taught that the human incarnation includes life in the various human races on this and other planets until the soul passes onto a ‘Circle of Bliss’ or the ‘Gwynfid’.   Beyond this state there is the ‘Circle of the Infinite’ or ‘Ceugant’ which is identical to the concepts put forth by the Persians and Greek Mystics.  It is also similar to the concept of ‘Nirvana’ spoken about by the Hindus.