Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The Law of Prosperity

And the evil wish is most evil to the wisher. -- Hesiod

The Law of Prosperity states that when one prospers, all prosper.  Your level of prosperity will be in direct proportion to your responses about another person’s prosperity.  Most people do not understand that if you are secretly taking private pleasure in another person’s misfortune or begrudging another person’s prosperity, you are affecting your own possibilities of generating prosperity.  Everything works on vibration. The feelings of jealousy and resentment you harbor about another’s well-being will keep you locked into a lower vibrational frequency of lack.  Smile upon someone else’s success and good fortune, and you are smiling upon your own.  For example, your friend gets a major job promotion and has now increased their income into the six figures.  They call you, and excitedly tell you all about it.  You are so happy for them that you are bursting at the seams with joy.  Your joy in this other person’s success means that you will also prosper because there is a vibrational match.

The opposite happens when you are upset or envious about someone else’s prosperity.  In your resentment you create a vibrational mismatch and you will diminish your prosperity.  Let us go back to the first example with your friend’s new promotion and increased salary.  This time when they call and as they tell you the news you immediately feel envious and jealous.  Although on the surface you are saying all the right things.  ‘Great!  How wonderful for you!’  Internally you are thinking to yourself, ‘Bitch.  Why do good things always happen to her?  Now she is going to have more money than me.  It is not fair.’  Your prosperity has just become diminished by your envious and hostile attitude. Everything is a vibration and what you put out will come back to you.

Not only is it important to monitor your thoughts about another’s successes, you need to monitor your thoughts about your own feelings with regards to your prosperity.  If you feel guilty or unworthy of your own prosperity, your degree of prosperity will be diminished.  For instance, you and your friend go to the casino.  You win $20,000 playing the slots.  Your friend wins nothing.  Initially, you were excited but as you are leaving the casino you start to feel somewhat guilty about your good fortune.  In this case, your prosperity will be diminished by your guilt.  Your guilt about your $20,000 win will create situations which may bring unexpected expenses.  It is important to understand that when you are prosperous, you are not taking anything from anyone else.  Under the Law of Abundance there are no winners and losers in this world.  You are never taking what is not rightly yours to take.  Let go of all guilt and enjoy your prosperity.

Under all of these circumstances, the more intense your responses are, the more you will increase or diminish your own prosperity.  For you to be prosperous or remain prosperous, your attitude must remain positive.  Be happy for everyone else’s prosperity regardless of your situation.  Your happiness for them will bring prosperity to you in ways you cannot imagine.

When dealing with the word prosperity, it is important to understand that the word does not just include money.  It can deal with beauty, health, happiness, spirituality, career advancements, good fortune and so forth.  So if you are envious of another person’s beauty, you are diminishing your own beauty.


1.  Determining how you feel about another’s prosperity.  Think about a time in your life when one of your friends or colleagues won a big promotion or a large sum of money. Answer this question honestly:  Were you happy for them?  If you secretly felt envy or jealousy for their success you may want to address why you have these feelings.  It is these feelings which are diminishing your prosperity.

2.  Determining how you feel about your own prosperity.  One month ago you won a large sum of money.  Once again answer this question honestly:  Do you feel you have a right to prosperity?  Do you feel you are worthy of the money that has come to you?  It is these feelings which are diminishing your prosperity.

3.  Cease all criticisms of other people’s prosperity. 
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