Friday, March 22, 2019

The Identity Game Limits Your Growth

Once again, we come into this world a blank slate and the first thing we are given is a name and we are told who we are based on our family’s lot in life.  If our parents accepted this reality, they reiterated that reality to you.  As you moved outside the boundaries of your household, your friends, schools, religions, community, the world told you who are. But, who are you?
Down through the ages, it has been the question many have pondered.  “Who am I?”  Some have found the answer and others have backed a ready-made definition of who society told them they were.  They bought into the identity game.  Their existence on this planet earth was based on a limited category.  Why figure out who you are when society gives you ready-made answers and you can blindly accept the definition because then you think you belong.  You are finally part of a group.  The hitch is the group is plagued with polarities.  Not everyone in the group is working towards the good of whole and those who scream the loudest are usually at the lower end of the energy spectrum.