Monday, August 12, 2013

Law of Reincarnation and a Preview of the Afterworld

Watercolour by Beverly Blanchard
Death is but the commencement of a new life. – Chuang Tze

Also known as the Law of Death and Rebirth, the Law of Reincarnation simply states that your purpose is to purify yourself from “negative” attributes.  To do this you go through various experiences and you stay in the experience until you shift the state of being. Experiences or states of being are repeated until you learn the lesson.  Reincarnation is about evolving up the spiral and movement toward union with Source Energy.  
With the exception of the Romans, most cultures and religions around the world have had some doctrine regarding reincarnation.  Some have associated it with karmic retribution meaning you squandered your wealth in one life therefore in this life you are poor.  Others have taught that if one is not careful in this life, then there is a possibility of returning as an ant.  Still others have created the heaven and hell dichotomy which has some truth associated to it but not in the context most of us have been taught.
One of the most interesting ancient teachings is that of the Druids which taught that the human incarnation includes life in the various human races on this and other planets until the soul passes onto a ‘Circle of Bliss’ or the ‘Gwynfid’.   Beyond this state there is the ‘Circle of the Infinite’ or ‘Ceugant’ which is identical to the concepts put forth by the Persians and Greek Mystics.  It is also similar to the concept of ‘Nirvana’ spoken about by the Hindus.

The interesting aspect of the Druidic teachings was that they gave every condemned criminal a respite of five years before execution.  During the time of reprieve, the individual practiced meditation and took instruction in how to purify themselves of negative attributes.  The purpose of this process was to prevent an unprepared and guilty soul into the astral plane.  This is a significant point because people have this tendency to believe that when you shed your body from this life, the learning ends.
Life is a continuum and although you die from this plane, your astral body which is a mirror of your physical body and your soul enters another world.  Your body is restored to perfect health and you do age and die in this new plane.  Unfortunately coffins don’t have pockets and all the material things you have accumulated in this world don’t get to go with you.  They get left behind so your relatives can fight over them.  You can however create some of it on the other side but that is a post for another day.
In this new plane, you do bring with you your interests, passions and most importantly, your state of being.  So if you were miserable and ornery in this life, you remain so in the next life until you chose to change it.  If you were interested in cooking and feeding everyone then you continue.  The work you do in the afterworld prepares you for your next incarnation.
Now there are worlds upon worlds upon worlds.  Many of them are operating right in front of you but if you are not tuned to the vibrational frequency you don’t pick them up.  This is the reason many of our loved ones who have transitioned from this life can only visit with us in our dreams. 

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