Sunday, January 7, 2018

The Two Minute Rule for Using Your Imagination

Your words have the power to open doors or slam them shut.
Let’s face it we all like wallowing in our negative stories and emotions.  Most of the time, we run past scenarios of times when we were angry, upset, pissed off and annoyed.  We extrapolate these emotions onto imaginary scenarios of ‘what ifs’ and telling not only everyone who will listen but we unconsciously tell ourselves.  The emotional story is replayed over and over in our mind with what we could have said, done or felt.  The more we replay it; the more we build up negative emotions within ourselves.  The subject doesn’t matter; the pattern is the same.  In an unconscious state of being we don’t realize that words carry a vibration. 

Unfortunately, the repeating of the story means that we do not process and transform the energy.  Instead, it accumulates as toxic waste in our physical bodies and it manifests as aches, pains and disease.  In not controlling the directional flow of energy in our mental and emotional bodies we do damage to the physical body and its environment.  Never do we realize that we were using our imagination to our determent.   So how do you recognize if you are using your imagination to your determent?  Look what is manifesting in your life.

How do you change the story?  Here is the two minute rule.  Give yourself two minutes to rant about whatever it is that is renting space in your brain for free.  After that move onto a better feeling owe it to yourself.  Shift to love.

In order to do this task you have to make it a habit of checking within.  Make it a game.  If you find your inner dialogue is in an endless loop where you are continually blaming circumstances, behaviours or people for where you are in life you are using your imagination to your determent.  Time to take control and rant for two minutes and then flip what you’re thinking to an improved feeling thought.   Could be as simple as, “Isn’t it wonderful the sun is shining today.  The sky is blue and spring is around the corner...’   The key here is the improved thought can have absolutely no relevance to the current story spinning in your head.  Every time you do this ‘thinking a better feeling’ thought you disrupt the negative vibration.   You have complete control over your own thoughts, vibrations, emotions, and point of attraction.  Wake up.  Move away from fear.  Shift to love.


  1. Your blog is great. I've learned so much from going through all the archives. I would love to see more of your posts on making use of your imagination to create your world.