Monday, April 13, 2020

Where is Love?

I, like most humans on this Planet Earth are told that we are under lockdown, house arrest for our protection.  It is being done to protect us from the deadly virus.  I have to admit, in some ways staying home is pretty easy for me.  I have lived alone for 35 years and for most of those years, I have worked alone out of my home.  Being alone is easy for me.  I like my own company and being alone I have been granted the opportunity to study a variety of subjects.  I do periodically however love being around people.  I love giving and receiving love.  I love hugs.  I love the human touch.  I love conversations over food.  Now with this current pandemic, and rules of social distancing I am forced to change my ways.

Let me back up a bit.  Years ago, I realized that if I did not make time to go out for a walk in the afternoon, I would miss out on people.  So, living in downtown Ottawa, Canada, I decided that every day at a particular hour I would go for a walk to the river.   The walk would bring me through the city centre and down along the river below Canada’s Parliament buildings.  I realized a long time ago a smile always opened doors to conversations.  Since, I have a happy disposition and I talk to everyone, I have met a lot of people.   They are my community.

At writing, they are still allowing us to walk for essentials and exercise but we must maintain our prescribed distances as the virus might jump out on us.  As my walk is part of my health routine, every day at my appointed hour I walk my usual route to the river.  Only it is not so usual anymore.  Nowadays, not only could you get the virus but you could also end up with a $1000 ticket or six months in jail for not abiding by the love removing rules.  I wonder how people are going to pay a $1000 ticket when the powers that be have destroyed an economic system?  Or is the plan to release those currently in jail with a new population?  I am just asking?

So, I walk the streets and there are very few people moving through the streets.  With the prescribed two metre rule and house arrest, love and the human touch have been removed.  Hugging is not allowed.  God forbid you kiss someone that is not from your household.  As a side note here, I do wonder who is doing the news anchors’ hair and makeup these days? Do they not have to abide by social distancing rules?  Back to the street story…

I have been trained to read body language, structure and energy.  Hence, as I walk I enjoy observing people.  Only now thanks to the fear factor, there are smatterings of people around and those that are out are lost.  Consumed with anxiety, worry and fear.  Their eyes are transfixed on the ground as if social distancing meant they were not to interact as human beings.  For many their energy is depleted and they are all mentally exhausted.  All psychological studies indicate that human beings do not do well without love.    

Now, I am not a rule breaker.  In keeping with the rules, I have taken to hugging trees, they have always been wonderful to me.  I do like to think outside the box and I believe my mission on this Planet Earth is to spread sunshine and happiness.  I am here to sow the seeds of love.  After a few of outings, I decided I had to revamp my tactic.  With people looking down at the ground or in the opposite direction, a smile wasn’t going to open any doors.  I needed to become vocal and verbally acknowledge people’s presence.  I used a simple, ‘Hello. Have a happy day. Spread the love.’

I wasn’t wholly prepared for the response I got from people.  It was like those words broke them out of a spell.  People would tell me I was right or they would thank me.  They would smile.  Even if it was only a moment, their energy field got brighter.  There is a battle going on for your mind.  Social distancing is conditioning that takes us away from our inner spirit which is love.  Spread the love.

Wishing you day of many pleasant surprises. Bev

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  1. New to your blog, thank you for this post. I do that too, make a point of smiling big and saying hello. It’s a terrorist attack on human beings and unnatural way of living, completely counter to building a strong immunity defence. Fight darkness with light. Keep the good vibes rolling ❤️