Sunday, September 9, 2018

Breaking out of the Matrix 101

There is a battle going on.  It is not a battle in some distant country, although, those do exist more then we care to discuss.  This war is for your mind and your consciousness.  It involves the use of words, frequency, conditioning, imprinting and programming.  It goes on every day and your antagonist has one intent-- to suck you deeper into the matrix, into a dimension with a dismal ending.

Now more than ever it’s time to think for yourself.  Time to recognize the power you have within and stop allowing outsides sources to dictate your security and happiness.  Step out of the illusion otherwise you remain a somnambulist locked in a life of robotic routines subject to the whims of the day until that fateful day you slide into the grave.  Unfortunately, what many people do not understand is that only the physical part of you that slides into that grave; your consciousness is the one that continues on and the mind has a significant influence on where your consciousness lands in the next world.

It has been said down through the ages that there are many worlds and Illusions abound.  They are all around us and have been for eons.  The ancients have also spoken about a time when the societal institutions built on fear would start to crumble.  As with anything built on faulty foundations there would be a time when the world would become aware of their nefarious activities.  If you look around that time is now.  Societal institutions are contaminated and are crumbling.

So, what are you going to do?  Remain asleep and drift along fulfilling society’s prescribed path in your quest for happiness?  Or maybe you have decided that you are in this world to be miserable.  It is your lot in life and you have undertaken that mission to ensure you spread your hatred.  Perhaps you are drifting along feeding all those hungry ghosts telling you: ‘buy me, acquire me and you will be happy’.  If, however you are rousing from your sleep and thinking something is majorly wrong with this world you might want to read on.

Somewhere in our journey some of us have forgotten who we are.  We have fallen asleep and have accepted the propaganda and conditioning that our power resides outside ourselves.  It is time to awaken to the power that resides within us.  We have a choice in this experience and now more than ever the responsibility for that choice rests with us.  Time to go down the Rabbit Hole but you ask:  How and who do I believe?  That my friend is the first lesson in stepping out of the programming.  Below are a few tips to assist you in the journey.

1.     Trust yourself.
You are the authority of you and no one else is the authority over you.  Begin stilling the mind and listening to that inner guide.  It comes through in all of your senses.  You can get: a feeling, thought, voice, sensation, poke, etc.  All you have to do is tune to the love vibration.  If you still the mind and trust in that inner being you will be guided.  Information will appear.  You will run into someone who provides you with a piece of the puzzle.  There are no coincidences.  When you trust yourself, life always becomes a synchronistic ride. 

2.     Stop manufacturing fear in your mind.
Fear, with its cousins, blame, doubt and worry are the tools that lower your vibration and send you in a direction which is not in your best interests.  All are designed to waste your energy and through negative thinking and emotions you end up using your imagination to create what you don’t want.  They lead you down a path away from love.  Learn to shut them down.  Monitor your mind!

3.     Get out of the identity game.
Stop letting labels define who you are.  No one really fits into these labels and it is a good thing that everyone and everything is unique.  We are not robots.  You are not a label.  You are a unique being.  The only acceptance you should expect out of this life is from yourself.  No one has to validate you but you and until you accept this truth you will blindly look to outside sources to authorize your existence.  Unfortunately for most, when they do get the slightest validation they find that there is still this unhappiness within them or the validation came with strings.  Time to get to know yourself and it involves going within.

4.     Recognize everything you were taught is based on lies.
Going down the rabbit’s hole is not for the faint of heart.  It is a real lunch bag letdown when you learn the history you were taught neglected to provide the truth.  Wars were never fought for what we thought.   People we thought as heroes were actually living dual lives.  Institutions and government programs were not developed for the good of the whole.  The whole system has been built by disreputable means and it is controlled by a few sinister families and cartels.  So, when you find out that nothing is really as it seems and things seem to be falling apart, don’t despair.  Don’t get depressed.  Buy some popcorn and watch the show. 

5.     Take responsibility for your own thoughts and emotions.
Emotions cloud judgment and often when you are caught in anger or hate you end up making decisions that don’t work in your favour.  You can’t see the forest through the trees when your emotions rule.  Start watching how your emotions influence the outcome of your day.  If you are continually riding the negative wave and allowing your thinking and emotions to follow this direction, you miss out on what’s around.  There is a lot of good around us.

6.     It’s a world of inversion.
At the present moment our world is upside down.  Right is wrong.  Wrong is right. People and things are really not what they appear to be.  Stop judging the world based on the superficial.  Those we see as philanthropists, leaders, politicians, celebrities and do-gooders may in fact be very dark.   Many are following their approved talking points in a script that is not working in the interests of the whole.  It is working for profit-making machine whose owners do not operate from ethical moral principles.  Might is right is how it has operated.  A machine that all over the world there are foundations developed to assist with the flow of dark money.  Ever wonder where all that money went that was donated to the various world calamities?

7.     Do your own research.
Unlike the previous century, this century has the internet.  Now there is no excuse not to educate yourself and find out your own information.   Recognize that the media is the propaganda arm of a machine that is designed to shape your thinking.  It’s the 4 a.m. talking points and they are half-truths.  Be wary of information provided to you.  It was said Hitler operated by a motto that if you tell a lie long enough the people will believe it.

8.     Words have now become weapons.
Diversity in thought is not accepted by the propaganda machine.  Through political correctness we are being programmed to limit our thinking and accept a world that dispenses puffery and lies while rejecting dialogue and communication.  Those who scream the loudest and toss around meaningless words like daggers are usually the ones who are committing the crime.  Political correctness is a tool for creating chaos and division.  Instead of focusing on our inherent connectedness in love, it takes us in the opposite direction.   
9.     Don’t engage in conversations that drag you down.
Be discerning in your conversations.  When you find yourself being sucked into a negative confrontation it is sometimes best to change the subject or walk away.  Change the way you breathe.  No conversation is worth bringing your vibration down into the negative.  Besides there are people that no matter how much evidence you place in front of them they will not change their mind.  Let them be.

10.  Technology is not necessarily your friend.
We all rely on technology and it has made our lives easier.  It has also for some become an obsession.  Technology and social media have offered us an illusion where we think we have reality in our hand.  Our value in this world is based on how many likes we get.  What happens if there is a more sinister side to this story?  What if all that data was being collected was actually being used to create a new labour force?  What if that labour force was a clone of you?  Only a thought!

Wishing you days filled with many pleasant surprises!


  1. Wow! I am glad to come across your website. I look forward to reading more!

    P.S. Do you already have an article about one's consciousness going to the next world. If so, I hope you provide the link for it. I found that topic rather interesting.

    Thank you!

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