Sunday, January 6, 2019

The Rising of the Inner Sun

Do not be afraid.
You have nothing to hide.
You have nothing to lose.
You need no one’s approval.
There is no one to judge you.
So, stop trying to be somebody.
You are already incomparably unique.
There is no need for improvements.
There is no need to add fame,
respectability, name and certificates.
In the end, they are all worthless.
For the more you try to be somebody,
the smaller you shall become.
The further you get from your true treasure.
The one that can only be found within.
It is not what you have attained in the outer that counts.
It is only what is attained in the inner that matters.
It is only through the inner you reach new heights.
Give yourself permission to be,
Release all preconceived notion of what society expects.
Turn within and allow your true self to shine through.
When you finally do, happiness will burst forth.
The sun shall rise.
The flower shall bloom.

       Beverly Blanchard
First Published-Petra Books 2012