Thursday, April 4, 2013

Contrast Makes the World Go Around

You can look at contrast like the channels on your television set.  There is a wide selection of programs that you can watch.  You watch something new.  You can watch only the programs you like.  You can watch those programs you loath.  You can flip to other shows during the commercial breaks.  You can mute it.  You can turn off the television.  You can leave the room.  You are the controller of what you watch and don’t watch.

Unfortunately with life, many of us do not see ourselves of being the holder of the remote control.  Often in the middle of a bad situation we neglect to realize we have options.  Instead we see ourselves as stuck with whatever program is playing out in our life and our only alternative is to complain about it.  So we rant about it.  We tell everyone we know about it.  The problem is the more you talk about that one bugaboo in your life; the more you set yourself up for similar situations.  It becomes your vibrational rendezvous point.

Recently a client called who was experiencing a problem at work.  She ranted on about the issue and was slightly perturbed when I suggested she think about something else.  I had given her the suggestion of thinking about how it would feel to be enjoying an afternoon on an outdoor terrace in Tuscany... wonderful sunshine, nice glass of red wine, plate of antipasto, good friends, laughter...She angrily retorted back, “I have to face reality!”  To which I replied, “Yes and you have a choice in the reality you want to face.  The reality you are facing right now is making you extremely angry and you are going to end up with more angry situations.  Change the channel and think about something that is going to give you a better feeling thought.  Think about all the things that are going right in your life.” 

So if your life has brought you a situation that is giving you some negative contrast here is what you can do:

1.         Change the channel in your mind.  Go back through your memory banks and find a thought or a situation that makes you feel good.  Focus on it.  Build it up in your imagination.  Your imagination is a powerful tool; use it to your advantage.
2.         Get off the subject.  The more you talk or think about it the more you lock into that vibration.  Life is like a variety show.  There may be one thing in your life that is going wrong but there are usually other things that are going right.  Focus on what is going right.

3.         Contrast lets you know what it is you don’t want.  Turn in the direction of what it is you do want.  Talk about what it is you want because talking about what it is you don’t want will only bring you more of what you don’t want.
4.         You can recognize as Bill Hicks says in the following video says, "It's Just A Ride."

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