Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Guilt-The Manmade Emotion

Today's post is from my unpublished manuscript entitled, "Is this Happiness?" I decided that perhaps the dialogue between Alexis and her spirit guide could best describe how guilt keeps us small.

Bald Eagle
Charcoal Sketch by Beverly Blanchard

Bald Eagle was punctual as usual.  At exactly seven o’clock, he materialized in the living room startling Alexis who had somehow expected him to use the door.  Bald Eagle laughed as he materialized, “I figured I do not have to bother using the door any more.  We Spirits really prefer to just appear.  Walking through doors gets the neighbors talking.  So, how was your day?”

“Interesting.  Had breakfast with my friend Robert, and we had a conversation which left me wondering whether I have been practicing love or guilt?  You see, Robert met this woman who said that if you think you are surrendering to love, you are actually surrendering to guilt because love needs no surrender.  Well, if that is the case, then most of what I thought was love, has actually been love laced with guilt.”  She held a serious look of disbelief on her face.

“Ahhh, so, I see you have discovered your second worst antagonist, the contrast of guilt.  Guilt will make you feel lousy; every single time you allow it to visit.  It pushes in on you, and the more you back up, the more it keeps pushing in on you.  When it finally has you cornered, and you are fighting for your life, guilt empowered by the fight turns to fear.  Wherever there is guilt, fear is not too far behind.  Oh and, guilt is an insidious creature that destroys love, and creates suffering.  You cannot have love, if you have guilt.  They cannot exist in the same place, their energies are not compatible and they defy the Universal Laws.  It is a state of mind, and in your world it has been long thought to be loving intent.  Loving intent it is not.  It is the gap in the universe that seeks to deny your true response to a situation.  Guilt is not caused by what happened, but how you relate to what happened.  It reinforces the feelings of not being okay if you allow your true vibration, your true alignment with Source Energy to shine forth.  Guilt is one of your society’s greatest control mechanisms and it is used to widen the gap between Source Energy and yourself.  As with fear, there are really two types of guilt.”

“So, there are two?”  She had never thought about the different aspects of guilt. Was there actually a good side to guilt?

“Almost always are two types in everything.  Helps to keep you confused.” he grinned.  “One type is thought of as real guilt, but, in actuality it is better to call it regret.  It is when you hurt someone or the possessions of someone and you truly feel sorry for your indiscretion.  The dialogue in your head is one which usually focuses on what you could have done differently, and how you are sorry for what you did.  Regret is almost always instructive.  You learn from it.  Now the real, true guilt is of a self-imposed behaviour.  You decide that you have done something that may have caused hurt or pain to someone else.  It is based on a measure of mind reading, and a mental guess on your part that an action, thought, or even a word caused harm to another.  The dialogue in your head usually goes something like this... ‘Why did I do that?’  ‘Why could not I do more?’  ‘If only, I was better, nicer, kinder, warmer, compassionate, caring....  You end up beating yourself up with an over obtrusive voice reproaching you over and over again in your mind for something you may not have actually done.  For some of you humans, it can actually become debilitating.  Understand the difference?”

“Yes, I do.  Hey, why don’t they teach you this stuff in school?”

Bald Eagle keeled over in convulsions of laughter, leaving Alexis staring at him in a somewhat stunned disbelief.  She thought it was an innocent enough question, yet, Bald Eagle seemed to find it extraordinarily humorous.  When he finally could contain his laughter, he exclaimed, “Because then they would empower you!  Once you understand your true connection, and the power of operating in alignment with Source Energy there is only empowerment.  No guilt. No fear.  There is no need for controls.  Think what that would do to all your government systems and other institutions in your world.”

“I never thought of it like that.  I guess we have been living for so long with this concept that we are all powerless.  We are all slaves to the systems that govern and control us.  The systems that promise to protect us if we give them our power.  Only we hand over our power, and there is no security.  Instead we find they lied to us, and used guilt and fear to control us.”  She looked somewhat shocked at what she had just said.  The picture of the world she was living within was becoming clearer.  Handing over her power was not giving her any more security and protection.  It was limiting her.

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