Monday, May 27, 2013

Where is Spirit in all this?

Throughout the course of history, there have been numerous wars fought over who has the correct concept of Spirit/God.  There have been a variety of definitions and ideas of how to connect to Spirit. My purpose in this first post is to provide you with another perspective to ponder.

There are some religions that have perpetuated the belief that Spirit or God is an outside entity.  It is a God that rolls the dice and determines what will happen in your life and in the world surrounding you. You are at the mercy of outside forces.  Other religions have gone further to define what actions one must do to connect to Spirit and if you don’t do the prescribed actions, you suffer eternal damnation.   Still there are others who speak about having to come back to Earth to right the mistakes of your past lives. 

In some Indigenous cultures throughout the world, a different concept of God was put forward.  It was one in which the Creator was within all.  Everything and everyone was contained within the whole.  There was however some Indigenous cultures who believed that it was necessary to perform some sort of sacrifice in order to appease the various Gods and ensure survival of the tribe.  In addition, many had Shamans who through various initiations was ‘chosen’ to be the connection for the people in their dealings with other worlds.

In today’s Western world, everyday there seems to be new approaches offered on how to connect with Spirit.  Some have combined some of the Indigenous approaches with New Age isms.  Others have expanded spiritual teachings to include the feminine Goddess.  Others have brought forward the teachings of Buddha or the Tao.  Science is also exploring spiritualism and now talks of Spirit as energy.  There appears to be many pathways to connecting with Source Energy. 

Sacred geometry provides a different clue for where Spirit is and how the world was created.  If you look around, you will find all of nature is filled with these geometric figures.  If you take the opportunity to watch these two videos, you may ascertain that Spirit is within you and is love.  In addition, you may discover that the Old Testament might not be the secular history that we have been guided to believe.  It may be a spiritual story or parable of how our world came to be manifested and why it is still evolving.

In the next post, I will offer you the suggestion of where Spirit is within you and how you can connect or align with Spirit.

Sacred Geometry Part One:

Sacred Geometry Part Two:

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