Wednesday, October 2, 2013

What is Reality?

In many of the ancient scripts they speak about the illusion.  Nothing is as it appears.  This past week I began pondering the difference between the dreams I have at night, and the world I encounter throughout the day.  I am told the night dreams are only illusion, and when my alarm goes off in the morning the real world begins.  Is this really the case?

In the night as I lay upon my bed, I travel through worlds.  I talk to people and have experiences, yet I am not moving physically.  It is only within my mind that I think I am moving.  I am told by various experts that these are only dreams or nightmares reflecting the hidden recesses of my mind.  Some tell me it is the processing of information brought to me by the events of days or weeks before.  Yet, when I awaken in the morning I claim these dreams as my own creation.  I say, ‘I had a dream last night’.  

In the daytime, I physically travel to various points in my environment.  I believe that I am moving.  It is through my physical senses that I know this world.  In some cases, I move along lulled to sleep by the mundane routines and habits of my life and I am totally oblivious to the constant movements of my mind.  I have been programmed to accept the false premise that the nightmarish events of the daytime are influenced or created by circumstances outside of my control. I have been further conditioned to accept the assertion that all this is reality and I am constricted by the physical limitations of a body. Am I really confined within this body?

Throughout the day I can move my mind anywhere in the world.  Through a process of remote viewing, I can within my mind reach out and touch a friend in Germany.  I can travel. Through telepathy, I can pick up other people’s thoughts.  How often have we thought of someone only to meet that person on the street or hear their voice on the other end of the phone?  The experts would call these daydreams, fantasy or delusional thinking.  Yet, if we are all energy then we are just animated bodies moving our minds.

If you accept the fact that imagining creates reality, then we are all the authors of both our day and night dreams since everything is a movement of the mind.  The thoughts or dialogues in our minds are really the imagination creating life.  

They say there is really no fiction in the world and throughout history there have been many writers who have written about the power of the mind. There have also been writers who have told fictional stories which have come to be reality.  What many of us do not understand is our outer world is a reflection of our inner thoughts and thinking.  So what story are you telling?  Are you mentally digesting the propaganda of the day and allowing it to create the world around you? Have you ever thought about what type of world you want?

There are two worlds.  There is the outer world in which man is the animating power.  There is the inner world which is the life giving force.  It is the thoughts you think within this inner world which creates the drama of your life.  If you feed this inner world violence it will reflect back to you on the screen of space violence.  If you feed it love, you get love.  Once again, it all comes back to your choice.

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