Sunday, November 24, 2013

Time to instil a little poetry...Awaken

Awaken dear people, the choice draws near.
There is no reason to fear.
It is very clear.
Make the choice.
Only love here.
There is no threat in the light.
It is time to shine bright.
The darkness has fear.
Call it out of the closet, and it will not come near.
Where there is light, darkness cannot appear.

Remember — rosy illusions cannot stay.
As you discern what is real, all else will fade away.
Truth will shatter the illusions.
It will reveal the intricate delusions.
There will be no other conclusions.
Reach outside the box.
Expect the best, you will outwit that fox.
Drop the belief you have sinned.
See the Divine as living within.
Reconnect with your highest kin.
Be still, and know love is here.
There is nothing to fear.
Abundance is all around.
Waiting to be found.
Look past the mound.
When you listen to the voice of heart inside.
Expect life to become a magical ride.
Opportunities shall multiply.
Synchronicities the Universe shall supply.
Love is all you apply.
Awaken dear people, the choice is here.
Release all fear.
Love is here.
By:  Beverly D. Blanchard
Now...Let's Dance

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