Sunday, February 24, 2013

Vibrational Matches

We live in a vibrational universe and everything is energy vibrating at different frequencies around us and within us.  You are more than the physical body that is sitting on that chair.  At this moment you are probably thinking, “This woman has lost it. Cause everything looks pretty solid to me.”  Yes everything around you does look pretty solid. 
Science, through quantum physics, is showing us that at the sub-atomic level everything is pure energy. All energy is continually moving and it emits frequency.  It is that frequency which creates form.  If you were to take a high powered microscope and look at your hand what you would see are molecules buzzing around.  Everything that is physically manifested vibrates within a certain range of frequency in order for us to perceive it.  What limits us from perceiving something is the vibrational match in our frequency to something else.
Ever lost your keys and then found them in the first place you looked?  What happened was that your belief in the loss of the keys matched your vibrational frequency.  There were no fairies of the universe that mysteriously hide them.  Instead your perception that you lost your keys created the experience of not seeing your keys.  You could not perceive that which you believed.  You believed your keys were lost.
Part of the reason for this is we have been conditioned to only accept information taken in through our five senses.  We have been lead to believe that if we can’t see, touch, hear, smell or taste it then it does not exist.  Yet all of these senses are just interpreters of vibration.
Another example of this is when the explorers came to the Americas.  The Indigenous people kept asking the explorers where they had come from.  The explorers kept pointing to the ships that were anchored in the bay.  The more the explorers pointed to the ships, the more the Indigenous people could not see them.  It was only when the shaman of tribe became attuned to the vibrational frequency that he could assist the other members of the tribe to see the ships.   In other words, they could not perceive in something that they had never experienced.
A simpler example which all of us has experienced is when we are trying to explain something to someone else.  No matter how many ways we try to explain something the person just doesn’t get it.  Many times we will say, ‘they are on a different wavelength’.  What we are actually saying is the person is not a vibrational match to us. 
Your mood or emotions attracts the experiences that are a reflection of that mood.  Ever had one of those days?  You wake up and everything seems to be going wrong from the moment you climb out of bed.  You stub your foot as you get out of bed.  You spill your coffee.  As you brush your teeth you dribble toothpaste down the front of your shirt. You have a closet full of shirts and in your haste to get to work you grab the one shirt that is missing a button.  You get out in traffic and you hit every red light.  Someone flips you the finger in traffic because you didn’t move fast enough through the intersection and now you are blocking traffic.  You stop and get a coffee and manage to get into the line that isn’t moving.  At this point, most people start thinking, “Can this day get much worse?   What else can possibly go wrong?”   Well, when you ask a question like that the universe delivers.   And why you ask?
It gets worse because the vibrational frequency you are emitting acts like an attractor.  In essence, it sends out an energy beam from you and everyone else who is on the same wavelength rendezvous with you.  It is the Law of Attraction in action and basically you get what you give out.
So how do I change my vibrational frequency? 
It is quite easy.  You stop reacting to situations and experiences and start responding.  When you react to situations the internal chatter in your mind usually kicks into high gear and your thoughts start snowballing.  Since most of us were never taught to police our thoughts, we usually end up going down the negative road.  One thought connects to another thought and the fuel that intensifies our thinking is our emotions.
Here is an exercise that you try:
The One-Minute Meditation
Throughout the day, stop and tell yourself to breath.  On the inhale, count to three as you take a long, slow deep breath in and pretend you are filling a balloon located just below your bellybutton.  On the exhale, pretend you are deflating the balloon and use a count of five.  Do this for one minute or more before you react to something.  Or you can practice it anywhere and at anytime.  You can do it in a meeting, the classroom, on the bus, while sitting at a red light in your one needs to know what you are doing.  Just watch what happens when do it.  You might be pleasantly surprised and here is the reason.
Your breathing is not only connected to each of your emotions; it is also affects every other system in your body and influences your vibrational frequency.  Breathing is the most important body function and most people go through life never giving it a second thought.  Yet if you learn to control it; it can become one of your greatest allies in the manifestation process.
There are two parts to your breathing, and both parts should be done through your nose.  There is the inhalation and the exhalation.  Both affect your well-being.  If you are not taking in enough oxygen, you are not providing your body with the most vital nutrient it needs for its survival.  If you are not exhaling all the carbon dioxide, you are leaving stale air in your body and not allowing room for new nutrients to come into your being.  The impacts from improper breathing are abundant and can range from: tense and tighten muscles, constricted blood flow, elevated your heartbeat, a stimulation of stress hormones within your body and an accumulation of lactic acid in your muscles.   You become a walking toxin; and you deplete your energy.  Learn to breathe properly and you can improve your health and well-being.
In addition of the proper way to breathe, one must also be aware that all of your emotions are tied to your breathing patterns.  For instance, get angry your breathing becomes faster.  Become relaxed and your breathing slows down.  Get depressed, your breathing gets heavy.  Become anxious and your breathing is in short quick breaths.  Through altering your breathing patterns you can increase or diminish your vibrational frequency.   
Enough for today…next time I will show you how the thoughts you are thinking affect what you attract into your life.

You Create Your Own Reality

Throughout history we have been continually given the keys to unlock the door to a life of happiness.  Yet, for some unknown reason we have continually thrown away the keys, and accepted society’s conditioning that our birth onto this planet was a birth into the school of hard knocks.  We are told life was meant to be a struggle, and there are no free rides.  Life was about conforming.  One was required to get an education, enter into the world of work, pay taxes and have a family.  Once you had done your time, society would reward you with the golden watch of retirement, and off you would go to enjoy your final years in bliss.  The problem is that by the time the retirement stage arrives, many are faced with another set of problems, namely faltering health and the anticipated enjoyment becomes a routine of medical appointments and pills.

Yet, it doesn’t have to be that way. You do not have to wait until some future moment in time to be happy.  Happiness can begin right now.  All it requires is a shift in your perception. It is time to take back the keys that can open the door to your happiness.  You have the power to change your life.  You are in control of your journey, and it is you that creates your own reality.  

Oh there is that little phrase,” You create your own reality. Sure you say. If I create my own reality I wouldn’t have created this. Yet, when things are going well you have no problem accepting responsibility for what is happening in your life.  You get the new job and you say, ‘I did that’.  You get a new partner and you say, ‘I did that’.  You scored well on a test or win some game and you say, ‘I did that’.  However, the moment the proverbial ‘shit hits the fan’ you look around for someone or something to blame. It’s the downsizing economy. It’s my boss. It’s my partner, my kids, my genes, my parents, my teachers, my friends…there is an unending list of other factors.  It’s always something or someone out there that is doing this to me.  It is certainly not my doing.   If you accept that there is something outside of yourself that is creating your reality, then you will always feel that you are at the mercy of some outside situation or circumstance.  You have in essence accepted that you are a victim of life.

Here is an exercise for you. Go look in a mirror right now. If you want to change the image that is staring back you, what do you do?  Do you look at the mirror and say change?  Of course not, you change your expression and the image reflecting back to you changes.  It is the same thing with life. You cannot change the outer reflection of your world until you change or shift your inner perception.

At this point you are probably thinking, “Yeah right. What reality are you living in?  We all live on the same planet and this reality is tangible.  We are all experiencing the same reality.”  I hate to tell you but there is no outside reality; your world is only a reflection of your inner reality. The physical reality that surrounds you is an illusion but, and this is important, your experience of it is real.  I know you are now thinking, “Here she goes down the hokey pokey road.”  Just give me a moment and think about this simple example. You have two people walking down the exact same street at the same time.  One individual sees the world around them as a miserable, fearful and a wretched place to live.  The other sees the world around them as beautiful and filled with wonderful people.  Each of them is living their truth based upon their perception.  Each can find evidence to validate their truth.  It is however their perceptions of ‘what is’ that is creating their reality. In other words, reality exists only where the mind creates a focus.

Still don’t believe me. Here’s a question for you to think about.  Why do eyewitnesses to an accident each have a different version of the events?  One sees the car as red.  Another sees it as magenta and still another sees it as green.  One says the car went through a red light. Another says yellow.  Many times they can’t even agree on what the individual driving the car looked like.  He was tall. He was short…light skinned, dark skinned….in many instances eyewitnesses never agree on their account of what happened.  The reason for this is that we all take in the information around us differently, and we filter that information according to our beliefs and perceptions.

So where are you placing your focus right now?  Are you looking for things to appreciate? Or are you complaining about what’s wrong in your life?  As we go further in this blog I will show you how you get what you focus upon. 

That’s enough for today.