Sunday, July 31, 2016

The Law of Free Will

It is easier to create the effect because the effect depends totally upon you; the cause may not be so dependent on you.—OSHO

Simply put, you have the freedom to do, be or have anything you want. It is your right here on Planet Earth.  There is however one caveat to this law which most people prefer to leave out.  The Law of Free Will works in conjunction with the Law of Cause and Effect which states:  For every action there is a corresponding reaction.  On the spiritual level this law is reversed...with free will the effect becomes the cause.

You do, say or feel something and energy goes out and combines with other energies.  They intermingle and the Law of Serendipity takes over bringing you encounters or circumstances which match your state of being.  Change your state of being and you end up down an entirely different path.  Align your Free Will with Divine Love and you create a powerhouse.  Align your Free Will with your own stubbornness of having it your way and the results can sometimes be either mediocre or dismal.

So if there is Free Will, why can’t I have it my way all the time?  Because sometimes you don’t possess the foresight to see what is down the road.  There are two paths in life that your free will can follow.  One is the path of consciousness which is aligned with love.  The other is the path of resistance which is your misalignment with consciousness. For more information check out the Law of Duality.

The misalignment with consciousness is one part of this law which causes considerable frustration since many people mistaken their whims for free will.  They haven’t learned to differentiate the two.  Whims are not activities which are based on your free will.  Whims are usually any desire that arises spontaneously without any connection with the whole personality and goals.  A whim usually responds to the question ‘why not?’ and not to the question of ‘why?’  In most instances, one is doing something simply because there is no reason against doing it, and there is no reason for doing it.  Many times activities or decisions which are associated with whims are done in an attempt to avoid some sort of boredom.  Choices which are made through whims usually turn out to be destructive.

Free will on the other hand is based on an activity or decision which contains reason and rationality, and is closely linked to your personality and goals.  It is a feeling, a state of being which comes from deep within that commits you to a stated intent.  One of the fastest ways to get in touch with your free will is to become the effect.  Occupy the state of being.  Do not focus on the cause.    Want to be happy? Be happy and the cause will come to you.  Through the law of vibration, energy has its own ways of working.  You can also use your free will and choose to be miserable.  Of course, misery will follow you.

Here are a few exercises to help you utilize your free will:

1.  Smile with your eyes.  Instead of staring at you cell phone, perhaps you can take a minute and look around you.  Bring your attention to your eyes and smile with your eyes.  You will find it will automatically shift your state a being.
2.  Ask why?  Next time you decide to do something, stop and ask yourself, “Why?”  You may discover that you were never really congruent with the decision. Try it next time you go shopping!
3.  Exercise the power of your choice.  Don’t like how you are feeling?   Be the state of being that you want to be.  Step into the feeling.  Be it now.

4.   Accept responsibility for your happiness. No one else is responsible for how you feel.  Take ownership of your life and get out of the blame game.


  1. Hi. Welcome back and thank you for your teaching.

  2. Ah! Good to see new teachings/post...thanks!

  3. I ask this question to people that think that the Creator has a plan for each of us. I ask (Do you believe that the Creator gave us a free will. If life is pre-planned there can't be a free will. Right. I believe we are 100% in charge of our own destiny. The decision I make now creates the future for the future doesn't exist it's only a thought in one's mind.